888Sport: Save 50% Bonus For All Formula 1 Races

While the Bundesliga and Co. are still comfortably on their summer break, Formula 1 regularly conjures up hot tyres on the asphalt. And as the last races have shown, there is plenty of entertainment to be had. In principle, this is a wonderful time to familiarise yourself with the Formula 1 bonus of 888Sport. The offer is particularly interesting because it is a permanent action.

Zu 888Sport

Quote will be increased for the qualifying

First of all, every tipper must have registered for this action at 888Sport by Thursday before a race. Then a bet of at least ten Euro will be placed on the qualifying, which is also the qualifying bet for the bonus. If the players win, 50 percent of the winnings will be added to the account as a bonus and can then be used for the race on Sunday.

In concrete terms, 888Sport increases the odds by 50 percent. If, for example, a quota of 4.00 has been successfully placed, a 6.00 will be paid out.

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