Pepperstone Experiences

The provider Pepperstone, which offers its services from the other side of the world, shows that it can be worthwhile to look outside the box when looking for a suitable online broker for trading CFDs and Forex instruments. From its headquarters in Australia, Pepperstone has focused entirely on trading at the best possible conditions. Traders have the opportunity to trade at conditions that are normally only found in the interbank market. Specifically, according to the online broker’s announcement, spreads are already possible from 0.0 points. In our test, the question of how seriously Pepperstone can be assessed as an online broker also plays an important role. In the interests of our readers, we would like to be able to rule out the possibility of fraud or rip-off.

Our experience at a glance

Within the framework of our test, we have looked at and examined a number of different criteria that are important for the overall evaluation of a provider according to our experience. In addition to the trade offer, the conditions and the support options, these also include payment options, available platforms for the trade and the design of the Internet presence. However, before we go into these aspects point by point, we would first like to present our most important experiences with this online broker. And it quickly becomes clear that Pepperstone is a representative of the industry who focuses primarily on effective and cost-effective trading.

By account model, this online broker gives traders the opportunity to trade at very favourable conditions. In addition, trading takes place at a very high technical level. In concrete terms, this means that individual orders are executed extremely quickly and at precise and reliable conditions. Especially for the most important currency pairs, i.e. combinations of the highly liquid majors, the chances are very good that trading can take place at a spread level of only 0.0 points. The levers that can be used in trading range up to 1:500.

Ab a minimum deposit of only 200 euros can be entered into trading at Pepperstone. The focus of the trading offer is on currency pairs. There are also some commodities and indices. Stocks, on the other hand, cannot be traded. We have also gained a positive impression of the design and layout of Pepperstone’s online presence. Although it is a provider based in Australia that targets the markets in the Asia-Pacific region, the German version of the website is also very successful. Anyone who has ever had to deal with an offer from an online broker that has only been partially translated will know that this is not always a matter of course. In principle, however, we can state that our experience speaks for a very professional online broker, with whom both experienced customers and beginners should be in good hands, who want to specialize primarily in trading with currency pairs.

Can Pepperstone be classified as a serious provider?

To a sometimes neglected, but in our experience quite important aspect, it is the seriousness of an online broker. At a time when trading CFDs and Forex products is enjoying growing popularity, it is inevitable that additional online brokers will enter the market. This basically welcome diversity also has the disadvantage that it is not always easy for the client to separate the wheat from the chaff. Unfortunately, it can never be excluded that an online broker turns out to be dubious, i.e. acts to the disadvantage of the customer, does not fully inform about risks or irresponsibly deals with the deposits of the traders.

Ultimately, however, it is the responsibility of the traders themselves to choose a provider on whom they can fully rely in this respect. In the case of Pepperstone, we have come to the conclusion that it is an absolutely trustworthy representative of this industry. Pepperstone has been in business since 2010 and has always proven to be reliable and economically stable. It is likely that customers will continue to expect the same level in the future. The Australian regulatory authority ASIC, which monitors compliance with the most important standards and ensures in the interests of customers that fraud or rip-offs can be ruled out, is one of the bodies responsible for this.

Pepperstone offers over 70 underlying securities at top conditions

In our experience, Pepperstone is an online broker who is not only suitable for beginners and private traders, but who also offers an interesting offer for professional traders who want to become active on the market with larger volumes. This can be seen from the fact that different account versions are offered, which are aimed at corresponding customer groups. While traders can decide which account best suits their trade in terms of conditions, the complete trading offer can be accessed regardless of the account type. In this section we would like to deal with both aspects.


Multiple account versions are available

All in all there are four different account versions available for trading at Pepperstone. There is also a demo account, which can be used either separately or parallel to a regular trading account. So customers who are not yet sure whether they really want to use Pepperstone’s offer have the opportunity to test it without any obligation or risk. For trading with real credit, however, one of the four account versions must be selected. The Edge Standard is designed for beginners. Trading via this account is settled purely on the basis of spreads, i.e. commissions are not charged. Spreads start trading through this account on a pip. In principle, according to the online broker’s announcement, it is possible to trade at conditions similar to those for institutional customers. Traders who wish to trade on pure market terms, on the other hand, should choose the Edge Razor account. Here, spreads of between 0.0 and 0.8 points are traded on the basis of a commission of 3.5 Australian dollars.

However, account management is in principle also possible in other currencies and also in euros. In contrast to the standard account, this razor account offers additional functions and strategies, such as hedging or scalping. In addition, so-called Expert Advisors can be used. The Islamic account is a modification of this account and complies with Sharia regulations. In particular, no swaps are used here, although scalping and hedging are also possible here. The spreads in Euro vs. US Dollar trading are between 1 and 1.2 points, whereby no commissions have to be taken into account. The “Active Trader” model is also available as the fourth account, which was designed primarily for institutional clients and traders with very high trading volumes.

While the other account models described so far can be entered with an amount of only 200 Australian dollars, only traders who enter with at least 25,000 Australian dollars are eligible for the “Active Traders” account. The account can also be held in other currencies, including US dollars or euros. Customers can then expect more intensive and above all individual customer service. Depending on the trading volume, it is also possible to agree individually suitable conditions. With all the account versions mentioned, however, you can fall back on the identical range of underlying assets. In the following section, we would like to take a closer look at this offer.

Foreign exchange, commodity and index underlyings

We have already mentioned elsewhere that Pepperstone is an online broker with core competence in the area of forex. However, the broker obviously only concentrates on a very selected offer with the aim of offering customers the best conditions. Underlyings from the categories currency pairs, commodities and indices are available for trading. The largest selection is in the area of currency pairs, where around 50 individual combinations are offered for trading. In an extensive table, not only the available combinations can be determined, but also the conditions to be expected. The euro/US dollar exchange rate can be traded from a spread of 0 points, whereby the average value is 0.2 points.

All in all, the offer in this category comprises a very large selection of different currencies. Of course, all combinations of the world’s major currencies can be traded. In addition, the available combinations also include currencies from countries such as Russia, South Africa and Turkey. The other dollar currencies of New Zealand, Singapore and Canada also play an important role. Furthermore, important European currencies can be traded, including the Norwegian krone and the Swedish krona. Other Eastern European currencies are also available, such as the Polish zloty and the Czech koruna. And, of course, the Swiss franc is also available from the broker.

In the commodities category, both precious metals and energy values can be accessed. In the precious metals category, gold, silver, platinum and palladium are on the price list. You can also speculate on the prices of oil and natural gas, with oil available in Brent and WTI grades. Less diversified is the offer in CFD trading, where only indices are offered for trading, while stocks are not available. With the selection of indices offered by Pepperstone in CFD trading, traders have the opportunity to bet on the most diverse regions and benefit from their development. First of all, the most globally respected stocks such as the Dow Jones, the Nasdaq, the Nikkei as well as the EuroStoxx or the Dax are available. But the stock market barometers of Great Britain, France and Italy can also be traded via Pepperstone. And of course the AUS200 index, which summarises the performance of the most important Australian stocks, is not missing either. Leverages of up to 1:500 can be used for trading in the underlyings mentioned. The corresponding leverage can be permanently set for trading via a specific account. Of course, less strong leverage ratios are also possible. In principle, it is also possible to trade 1:1, i.e. practically without leverage. In our experience, clients who want to trade with a focus on Forex at favourable conditions will find a very good offer at Pepperstone.

Bonus for new clients is not part of the offer

The importance of the bonus is a topic that is often discussed intensively among traders. While some people are convinced that they can profit from a high bonus, others see it more as an influence on the trader, which does not always work to his advantage. A deposit bonus provides each trader with additional capital, which he can use in trading. In principle, this acts as an additional lever. However, both the amount of the bonus payment and the disbursement of funds are linked to extensive conditions. For example, winnings made using bonus credits can only be paid out if high demands are met on the total trading turnover. Against this background, a bonus does not have to have a positive effect on the overall result. Be that as it may, in Pepperstone’s case, traders do not need to worry about such issues, as a deposit bonus is currently not part of the offer either for new customers or for existing customers.

Multiple methods for deposits and withdrawals available

In order to participate in trading currency pairs or commodities, it is first necessary to deposit funds into the trading account. In addition to the Australian Dollar, the default currency, Pepperstone’s trading account can also be maintained in various other currencies, including Euro. Deposits can be made using various methods and providers. In principle, deposits can be made by bank transfer. In addition, various internet-based service providers are available. And, of course, it is also possible to capitalize the trading account with a credit card.

The list of service partners is long and will not be presented in full here. VISA and MasterCard, but also with Neteller or Skrill can be deposited. While bank transfers take several working days until the credit is received on the trading account, other methods usually take only a few minutes. Fees are not charged by Pepperstone. The same methods can also be used to pay out credit. The process is carried out in the customer’s personal account and, according to Pepperstone, processed within one day. In our test, we have found Pepperstone to be very reliable in processing deposits and withdrawals.

Pepperstone is regulated by the Australian authorities

With regard to security, customers can feel that they are in good hands. It is a regulated supplier. As the company is headquartered in Australia, the relevant authority is ASIC. The requirements can be compared with those in Europe. Regulated online brokers in Down Under are obliged to respect the interests of their customers. In concrete terms, fair trading conditions must be implemented and trading risks made known. A further aspect with regard to security can be seen in the handling of customer funds. Regulated providers are obliged to manage corporate funds and client funds separately from each other. In the case of Pepperstone, clients’ funds are held at National Australia Bank or HSBC. Even in the event of insolvency, customers can still access their credit balances.

Support and customer service partly in English

And Pepperstone also strives to maintain an attractive level of support. In contrast to the internet presence, the support is not offered in German. The Online Broker has a branch in London, which can be contacted by telephone in case of technical problems or questions. In addition, international support can also be provided around the clock. In addition to the telephone, a live chat service and e-mail can also be used for this purpose.

The website is very customer-friendly

We have found the Pepperstone website to be very informative and user-friendly. The Online Broker has been very successful in providing customers with as much support as possible in this way. It is therefore not always necessary to contact a responsible person by telephone. Particularly in the FAQ area, many questions can be clarified around the trade. The offer also includes various contents aimed at the further development of traders. For example, a guide is offered which is intended to facilitate the entry into trading by presenting trading principles, the most important terms but also possible strategies. And also a glossary belongs to the offer of Pepperstone.

Mobile App

The trade itself can be completed on basis of different platforms. In addition to the MetaTrader versions four and five, the cTrader for professional requirements is also available. In addition to the basic platforms, mobile versions are also available, which can be downloaded free of charge and installed on the corresponding terminal device. This also ensures sufficient flexibility for trading. The mobile versions offer extensive possibilities for trading, so that trading can be carried out almost fully even away from the home computer.

Fazit – Pepperstone offers professional Forex trading

For our review we took a closer look at the online broker Pepperstone and got to know a quite convincing representative of this industry. The supplier scores above all with a very professional handling of the trade, with which one can operate to very favorable conditions. The range of underlyings has a clear focus on currencies. In addition, commodities can also be traded. The range is supplemented by several indices. Four account versions and several platform variants are available for trading itself. In addition to the classic versions for the desktop PC, the mobile versions can also be downloaded. And we have also tested a convincing provider in terms of reliability. Not only our experience, but also the regulation by the Australian authority ASIC.

speaks for this.