Titantrade Experience

Attention: TitanTrade has no regulation, therefore we cannot recommend a registration currently. Please use our Broker Comparison and choose an alternative broker like IQ Option or anyoption.

If you don’t want to be satisfied with small returns in conventional trading, you need a provider like TitanTrade. With the very simply to be used trading instrument of the binary options this offerer offers net yields of up to 85 per cent with only one Trade within shortest time. With additional instruments, the potential return can be even higher. In addition, around 60 underlying instruments are available for trading.

However, it is not only the instruments offered for trading that the provider uses to advertise TitanTrade. Also a smooth completion of the trade, a good Kundenservice as well as extensive training further possibilities belong to the advantages of this on-line broker. Now our experience shows that announcements about the qualities of a provider are always made faster than their concrete implementation. Before one decides thus for a certain offerer, it is important to know, how the respective points are converted concretely.

A high attention the Trader should dedicate also to the question, how it is ordered around the respectability as well as in particular around the security of the deposits on the trading account. This applies in particular to providers who are not subject to state regulation. Because only if fraud or Abzocke can be excluded surely, one can decide also in good conscience for a certain offerer. The answers to the various questions follow in our current review.

Our experience with TitanTrade at a glance

All in all, our experience with TitanTrade has shown that investors can expect a solid provider for binary options trading. TitanTrade has a lot to offer both in terms of trading opportunities and in terms of additional features to support investors.

Solid, albeit not above average, the offer of tradable underlyings must first be described. A total of approx. 60 stocks are available for trading, covering all common categories. For a greater variety, as well as an additional increase of the yield possibilities, there are also several variants for trading in the program. The provider, which has its company headquarters in Great Britain, but which handles the trade itself via servers outside Europe, also offers a solid range of services and support, but which is not available in German. This means that the range of educational services, which is also good, can only be used to a limited extent, at least if there is no comprehensive knowledge of English available.

In view of this, the overall verdict can apply that although many opportunities are available in retail, the use of additional services depends on personal language skills. In any case, it is positive to note that no fees are charged for deposits and withdrawals as well as for account management and trading itself.

Is TitanTrade a reputable provider or not?

Independent of it, which conditions for the trade are required, and which auxiliary achievements are made available by a offerer, investors should keep href=”https://www.casinogamingstore.com/binaere-optionen-broker/”the correct Brokers always the question in the view with the choice, how respectably and reliably the concrete offerer is to be estimated. For outsiders there are however only few reliable reference points, in order to judge this characteristic reliably, in particular if it does not concern a regulated representative, as in the case of TitanTrade.

While online brokers, who are subject to an official regulatory authority, must apply important standards for the settlement of trades and for the handling of customer deposits, non-regulated providers are voluntary standards, compliance with which is not monitored.

The decision for or against a particular provider is therefore primarily a matter of trust. However, the fact that there have been no irregularities since the company was founded in 2013, which suggest that there are doubts about the seriousness of the provider, speaks in favour of the fact that one can fundamentally trust this provider and that there is no need to fear fraud or rip-offs.

trading-with 60-values at good conditions

For all services, which are offered additionally around the trade with binary options, it depends for most traders above all on the possibilities, which are available in the trade itself. With the online broker TitanTrade the strengths are to be seen after our experience clearly thereby in the range of the trading instruments. While there is a very large variety of choices here, a selection of 60 underlyings rather means the typical average. However, we generally tend not to overestimate the pure number of available underlyings. Ultimately, in concrete trading with binary options, it is evident time and again that traders follow certain patterns and ultimately trade only a few underlying assets. Instead of a large number of underlying assets, it is therefore much more important that a good selection of assets is available. While the answer to the question of what a good selection should look like always lies in some way in the eye of the beholder, TitanTrade’s portfolio can be described as balanced and well structured. The focus is clearly on indices and equities, with 20 stocks each to choose from. In addition, seven commodities are offered for trading as well as twelve currency pairs.

By compiling the trading portfolio, it is not only possible to focus on trends and developments in all important economic regions of the world, but also to trade practically around the clock. With the most important kind of trade, the simple Put and Call options thereby top net yields of 85 per cent can be obtained. However, our experience in trading has shown that, on average, somewhat lower values can be expected. Not only short-term trading in the range between 60 seconds and five minutes is possible. Options with significantly longer maturities are also offered, whereby you can choose between periods from a few days to a complete year.

Significantly higher yield opportunities can also be achieved with the additional trading variants offered. TitanTrade offers the methods One Touch and Ladder. In addition, additional instruments can also be used to optimize or secure returns or to limit losses. If, for example, a position develops as desired, the “Double” function can be used to expand the yield opportunity over time. With the “Buy me Out” function, options can be returned without losing the entire stake. Another way of saving a position is to extend the term. This allows the time until the position expires to be extended, so that the trader has the chance that his position still “in the money” expires. Last but not least, there is also a special version of social trading called Trade Follow, where investors can benefit from particularly successful traders by following their strategies.

Thanks to the combination of the many trading instruments, the investor always has a broadly graduated trading spectrum, which enables absolutely professional trading.

Graduated bonus for new customers

It can now be considered standard among providers for trading with binary options that new customers are offered a bonus on their first deposit. The bonus payments follow thereby a very simple principle. Staggered after the height of the first deposit additional commercial capital is granted to the new customer as bonus. In the case of TitanTrade, this practice is implemented by differentiating between several account types. A total of four different account types are available, which are called mini accounts, standard accounts, deluxe accounts and platinum accounts. The mini account is assigned from an amount of 350 Euro, from 5001 Euro the customer receives a standard account and from an initial deposit of 35.000 Euro a deluxe account can be used, while the platinum account is assigned from an initial deposit of more than 50.0000 Euro.

Only for the single mini account there is no bonus at all. In the case of the standard account you can expect a deposit bonus of up to 50 percent, in the case of the deluxe account even up to 75 percent. In the case of the Platinum account the deposit bonus can be negotiated even individually.

In addition still some further auxiliary achievements stand in connection with the respective account version, which can be evaluated in principle likewise as bonus achievement.

With reference to the disbursement of the bonus amounts once well written apply with TitanTrade, as with all other offerers also, clear rules, which prevent that the customers can be paid out the additional assets immediately. Concretely the appropriate amounts must be used first in the trade, before the investors the amounts and/or also profits obtained with it can be transferred to the own account. It applies that for a disbursement first the 20fache conversion regarding the deposit and bonus achievement must have been obtained.

Various possibilities with in – and disbursements

Absolut branchenĂ¼blich is also that, which expects the customer within the range in – and disbursements. In addition to a number of credit cards, various Internet service providers, so-called E Wallets, can also be used to transfer trading capital to TitanTrade’s trading account. In the credit card sector, the services of Visa, MasterCard, Visa Electron and Maestro are accepted. With regard to Internet service providers, the provider refers to country-specific regulations. In addition, bank transfers can also be used for deposits.

In principle, there is no minimum deposit. Since, however, a minimum credit of 250 Euro is required for the mini account, this amount is considered the minimum amount at least for the first deposit. For further deposits, however, smaller sums can be transferred.

In principle, the same methods are also available for the purpose of disbursement. The periods that must be taken into account depend on the account used. While the Platinum account guarantees immediate processing of payout requests, the Mini account specifies a seven-day period during which payout requests are guaranteed to be processed. In principle, withdrawals can be made more frequently without incurring any fees. The minimum amount for a payout is 100 Euro. In principle the account can be led not only in euro, but if necessary also in US Dollar or in British Pound.

No regulation of the offerer TitanTrade

Although the offerer TitanTrade has its address in London, it is not subject to any national regulation. This is due to the fact that the actual financial transactions are handled by a provider based outside the EU. Beyond that the offerer assures however to apply both regarding the customer data and to the customer deposits usual safety standards. However, the extent to which this will be implemented in practice is difficult to verify. What speaks in favour of the company, however, is that so far there have been no problems whatsoever in the settlement of trading transactions or in the disbursement of funds. Therefore it can probably be assumed that fraud or rip-offs are not to be expected in the future either.

support and customer service, especially in English

How seriously a provider takes the needs of its customers with regard to security and support in retail, can also be seen in how well the service and support area is equipped. As far as TitanTrade is concerned, there is a very good range of services available in this area. However, users from Germany only enjoy this offer to a limited extent. This begins with the fact that no specific telephone number is offered for German customers. Who wants to use the telephone service, which is available on seven days of the week around the clock, must call against it with the support in Great Britain, and therefore have sufficient English knowledge.

Who does not dare this, is dependent on it, either by email its questions and requests to the service department to address, or to use the live Chat function. But also here, so our experience with the offerer showed, German knowledge may not be presupposed in principle. The extent to which the support can be used depends on the employee to whom the customer is currently connected.

structure and content of the website

In contrast to support, however, many of the content on the website is far from being available in German. The main page, as well as the most important information around the trade are completely in German. On the other hand, the provider has not yet taken the trouble to translate the bonus conditions or the general terms and conditions into the German language. However, this does not change the fact that the site as a whole follows a very clear structure, so that the visitor of this site finds his way around very quickly. This also applies to the trading platform, which enables a very fast orientation, so that even beginners should gain a foothold very quickly. To the offer, which can be used over the web page, belongs also a restaurant calendar, as well as regular market reviews. Beside impulses for the current trade besides also video-based training courses and concrete trading strategies are presented, at which the traders can align their own strategies.

App for mobile trading is available

For customers who place great demands on their individual flexibility when trading binary options, TitanTrade also offers its own app, which allows them to trade very conveniently with a smartphone or tablet. So far, however, this solution is only available for Android. If you have no problems trading via the browser-based platform, you will get along with this app right away. In principle, the solution offers all the possibilities that are also available via the conventional platform. Additional offers such as trading signals and market information can also be used in this way.

“Conclusion: Option trading in many variants with TitanTrade

With the provider TitanTrade we have tested an online broker that basically offers all possibilities for trading with binary options. On the basis of 60 underlyings, numerous instruments can be used. As a special offer, the Trade Follow instrument can also be used to copy the strategy of other successful traders according to the principle of social trading. In addition, the provider also offers the usual additional services in the areas of support, market information and mobile trading, but sufficient English language skills should be available for full use.

Since in the past there have never been any problems with the settlement of trades or with deposits and withdrawals, we generally assume that neither fraud nor rip-off will have to be feared with this provider in the future.


I decided already some years ago for the on-line broker TitanTrade and noticed fast that one can act here not only exzellent, but also many possibilities has to develop itself further. So the experts of the broker always present new and interesting strategies, which open many new perspectives. Unfortunately there is no demo account yet.

written 12 months ago