888 Casino: 1,200 Euro Daily At The Live Casino

Behind the 888 Casino stands with the 888 group an enormously powerful company within the range of the gambling. The Israeli enterprise is for many years also thereby and knows completely exactly that the players attach above all much importance to bonus offers and graduation. The 888 Casino holds ready here a very interesting offer, with which daily satte 1,200 euro in the live Casino are drawn by lots.

Zu 888 Casino

Simple rules for the action

Gebunden is the action of 888 Casino at few rules, which can be surveyed fast and simply. To participate, simply place bets at the Live 888 VIP Table. Afterwards twelve bonus maps are distributed, which are considered in each case with different profits.

Four times 150 euro can be cleared, four times 100 euro are credited and four times may be pleased the players about a price of 50 euro. Strong: The offer can be taken up daily, so that each player with good profit prospects can participate.

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Betspin: 400 Euro Bonus And 150 Free Spins To Collect

The Casino of Betspin is one of those casinos that have attracted a lot of attention in the recent past. Above all here the large play offer stands, which receives the customers with more than 400 different hochkar?ttigen Games. All players are welcomed in addition, still by a welcome bonus, with which up to 400 euro and 150 free plays can be retracted.

Fourfold welcome bonus waits

With the first deposit on the player account all new customers can collect a 200 per cent bonus of up to 50 euro. In addition, the 150 free spins are now activated. With the second deposit on the player account 50 per cent bonus are credited, whereby now an additional sum of up to 50 euro can be used.

The third deposit evaluates the Casino again with a 50 per cent bonus. However the possible bonus amount rises now to 100 euro. The last deposit for this offer is the fourth transaction. Here again 50 per cent wait as bonus, whereby now however even 200 euro are possible as bonus sum.

The Special Forex Broker For Foreign Exchange From The Uk

The London-based broker Tickmill has quickly established a reputation as a broker for CFDs and Forex products on foreign exchange. Unlike many other competitors, traders cannot trade CFDs on stocks, but mainly on foreign exchange. The broker, based in London, is subject to local government regulation and is increasingly popular with traders interested in foreign exchange.

What trading options does the broker Tickmill offer traders?

The broker Tickmill offers trading in CFDs and Forex products. Traders have access to a wide range of underlying assets which can be selected in the trading account. Trading at Tickmill takes place via the MetaTrader 4 software or via the WebTrader software. There is also the possibility that mobile trading via smartphone can be easily perceived.

The broker offers spreads of 0.55 points for members of DAX30 trading . Credits are made per trade via BrokerDeal. Tickmill is a so-called NDD Broker with particularly good conditions. DAX CFDs can be traded already starting from 0,01 pieces.

Which service and which security offers the broker

The broker Tickmill counts to the enterprise Tmill UK Limited and has its seat in London. The support can be reached via telephone over a 0044 Vorwahl via fixed net. Furthermore the possibility exists that one can reach the broker for example via email or in addition, via telephone. Thus the support can be noticed particularly simply. It is also recommended to take advantage of the chat support at Tickmill, which is very easy to use and really easy to control.

Trading account at Tickmill – how do I proceed?

Whoever wants to open a trading account at Tickmill will find three different types of accounts on the homepage of the broker. There is a classic trading account as well as the possibility to open a Pro and a VIP account. Which account you want to have depends among other things on how much money you want to deposit at Tickmill. In practice, with higher deposits you will have much more support than when you choose a simple Tickmill base account. Therefore every trader has to know for himself how much he pays in and which account he chooses.

It is important to know that of course a free demo account is also available to customers . That means concretely that one can try out the numerous CFD and Forex products with the help of the demo account first of all completely without risk and can test thus exactly whether the CFD trade is the correct for one. In practice, this means that with the help of CFD trading many good products can be tested in any case without losing your money. In the Demkonto with virtual money is traded, which is naturally an advantage and can help to understand the individual options and thereby into the trade to start to be able with it.

Deposits can be realized with Tickmill already starting from 100 euro . There are no fees for the deposits themselves. The account can be managed in numerous currencies and is available in US Dollar, Euro, GBP or other currencies. It should be mentioned that the deposit is possible, for example, as a classic bank transfer. You can also transfer money by credit card, e.g. Visa Card or MasterCard. There is also the possibility that transfers can be made via the payment service Neteller or Skrill. UnionPay or dotpay are also offered in order to make transfers quickly and easily. The payment is made at the broker Tickmill UK via the same way as the deposit was made.

Whoever deposits at least 1,000 Euros in the Tickmill trading account within 30 days will directly receive an account with unlimited free access, so that he can trade at Tickmill in any case very attractively. The account itself is managed by Barclays Bank UK, which is one of the larger and more well-known banks in the UK.

888Sport: Save 50% Bonus For All Formula 1 Races

While the Bundesliga and Co. are still comfortably on their summer break, Formula 1 regularly conjures up hot tyres on the asphalt. And as the last races have shown, there is plenty of entertainment to be had. In principle, this is a wonderful time to familiarise yourself with the Formula 1 bonus of 888Sport. The offer is particularly interesting because it is a permanent action.

Zu 888Sport

Quote will be increased for the qualifying

First of all, every tipper must have registered for this action at 888Sport by Thursday before a race. Then a bet of at least ten Euro will be placed on the qualifying, which is also the qualifying bet for the bonus. If the players win, 50 percent of the winnings will be added to the account as a bonus and can then be used for the race on Sunday.

In concrete terms, 888Sport increases the odds by 50 percent. If, for example, a quota of 4.00 has been successfully placed, a 6.00 will be paid out.

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New Trend: Providers Combine Sports Betting And Casino Games

Up until a few years ago, the gaming markets on the Internet were relatively clearly distributed. While some companies focused on sports betting, others preferred to focus on different casino games. Meanwhile that is however no longer so and above all the combinations from both worlds seem to ring in a new time.

Everything under a roof: So it can be

Who looked at the portfolios the large bet offerers in the last months once, with rather large probability also a Casino range will have discovered. That is by no means a surprise, because this trend is to be observed already for longer time. Providers meet their customers and take up ever more frequently sport bets and Casinospiele into their Portfolio on.

The whole becomes particularly interesting if for the different products also different Boni are made available. It is not uncommon for customers to be able to collect a bonus more than once and to obtain additional credit in all areas.

Gambling: Sweden & Gibraltar Cooperate

The change in the gaming industry has been enormous in recent years. Digitalization has opened up completely new avenues for companies, with the result that numerous gambling providers have grown into international global corporations. At the same time, the new freedom of the gambling industry brings with it very special challenges for the regulatory authorities. This is the reason why there are many cooperations – as is currently the case between the Swedish Gaming Authority and the Gibraltar Gaming Division. For the Swedes, this is already the second important cooperation with an EU authority this year.

Letter of Intent signed this week

The year on the Swedish gaming market begins full of events. The opening of the market was only driven forward at the beginning of 2019, so we can speak of an enormously young gambling industry in Sweden. Until January 2019, only the state-owned provider Svenska Spel was licensed to provide its gaming products. The offer was limited thereby particularly to the stationary enterprise of play places, an on-line offer was not really existing. Since the opening of the market, however, this circumstance has changed. Swedish players can choose between numerous private offers and thus choose a provider that fits their needs perfectly. Active are on the market around the 100 enterprises, most of it sent equal several marks on the gambling racing distance.

Less surprisingly the opened market means in addition, completely new tasks for the Swedish gambling authority Spelinspektionen, because those must worry suddenly about a clearly larger market. To accomplish that alone, is not at all simple for the inexperienced authority and thus in the past days a declaration of intent for co-operation was signed together with the Gibraltar Gaming Division , which is to justify a closer co-operation between both authorities .

To pursue common interests

The aim of the cooperation should therefore be above all to protect both regulatory interests more strongly and at the same time improve communication between regulatory authorities. In addition, operational support also plays an important role. Numerous companies on the Swedish market also operate in Gibraltar or even work with server farms in the British enclave. The Director of Spelinspektionen, Camilla Rosenberg, explained in a press release on the cooperation:

“Some companies equipped with Swedish gaming licenses have technical equipment in Gibraltar or a license from Gibraltar. By opening the new communication channel between the regulatory authorities, we can strengthen our control activities. This is the beginning of a long-lasting cooperation. We have already signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Maltese Gaming Authority this year and would like to expand our cooperation with other European regulatory authorities for gaming.”

/block quota

A major focus should be on technical equipment. Without the cooperation of the authorities, the server farms of the companies in Gibraltar, for example, could not be inspected or monitored by the Swedish authorities. The cooperation, however, will make this possible in the future. While the Swedes benefit from the experience and possibilities of Gibraltar, Andre Lymann, Director of the Gibraltar Authority, sees the advantages for the players and explained that now common values like the fight against crime, the protection of the players and social responsibility could be treated better.

Gibraltar is under pressure

Aside from this, the cooperation with the Swedish authorities for Gibraltar also has a kind of signal effect and can be called a clear statement in the midst of the Brexit debates. In this way, the authorities show that, despite a possible EU withdrawal from Great Britain, they are apparently still willing to cooperate with authorities from other European countries. The truth is, however, that the British enclave has come under enormous pressure because of the Brexit negotiations. If Britain were to leave the EU, this would also have a direct impact on Gibraltar, because the licences issued there would then no longer have any value in the other EU nations. There is a threat of an enormous collapse in the economy, which is dependent above all on income from the gambling industry. The first signs of a bad future are the partial migration of numerous gambling companies who now prefer to park their servers in other countries. If it should come to the Brexit, then one hopes in Gibraltar, can be negotiated for the overseas territory still a special agreement. The basis for this, however, is that there is no so-called “No-Deal-Brexit”.

Second important cooperation for the Spelinspektionen

For the Swedish game inspections, the cooperation with the Gibraltarian authority is the second important step this year. A cooperation with the Maltese Lottery and Gaming Authority was already established at the beginning of 2019 , which in principle comprises similar contents to the current cooperation. Here, too, the Swedes benefit above all from years of experience on the Maltese side, as the Maltese authorities have been able to gain a leading position in the licensing of EU casinos in recent years. Gibraltar is now the second major regulatory body in Europe. Despite the cooperation, the start in Sweden can be described as a bit bumpy. Immediately after the opening of the market, the gambling companies invested horrendous sums in marketing and thus angered some politicians. Die demand meanwhile a general advertising prohibition for the gambling industry , which would mean an enormous setback for the private enterprises.

Benefits could pull again the national offerer Svenska Spel. This claims already a majority of the market and would not have to fear accordingly that the players due to the advertising measures to the competition emigrate. Svenska Spel has also already announced that it intends to forego all advertising expenditure by the end of 2019 in order to increase pressure on private companies. The private competition, on the other hand, did not declare itself willing to do so and announced that this would only promote the business of the state provider and that there could no longer be any talk of fair market conditions. Background: Since 2019, Swedish Spelinspektionen has offered private gaming companies the opportunity to acquire licenses for the Swedish gaming market. The costs for the licenses vary, but can reach up to 75,000 euros. In addition, companies have to pay a gambling tax of 18 percent on their revenues – monthly.

Fly With Anyoption To The Final Of The European Football Championship 2016

The broker anyoption is very active in the area of advertising and marketing and offers numerous campaigns for new customers as well as for existing customers on its homepage. Customers are quickly struck by the fact that tickets are currently being raffled off for the final of the 2016 European Football Championship in France. This includes not only the tickets alone, but also flights and accommodation in a luxurious hotel. The participation in the action is possible directly over the homepage and does not last at all so long.

How can I participate in the action to the EM final in Paris?

To be able to participate in the action it is first necessary that during the action period 500$ on the account with anyoption are transferred. It is also important to trade between June 3rd and June 29th. Traders can choose to trade the Dax Future, SP Future, Nasdaq 100 Future, GPB/USA, McDonald’s or Coca Cola. The goal is to achieve the highest profit in trading during the promotion and thus be able to participate in the final of the European Football Championship 2016.

What conditions must be fulfilled to participate in the promotion?

Whoever wants to participate in the promotion, must at least sell a volume of $ 25,000. It should also be noted that at least $500 must be transferred in an order to participate in the contest. It should be noted that during the contest only binary options will be counted.

The exact conditions for participating in the promotion can be viewed on the homepage of anyoption or even inquired at support. The fact is that online traders with anyoption can not only use good conditions, but also the binary options 0-100 or Option + can be selected. There are over 200 markets and numerous underlying values such as shares, or in addition, indices and currency pairs for the trade with binary options to the selection.

Gowild: Collect 100 Free Spins Every Wednesday

The GoWild Casino has been able to gain the favour of the players in the last months especially with a spectacular new customer bonus. Thus it has not been with the offerer however still for a long time, because also the inventory customers have again and again the chance to fill the own purse with additional actions. There are 100 free plays for example each Wednesday, so that with at least 400 free plays in the month firmly can be planned.

To GoWild

Einzahlen and free plays snap

The inventory customers can secure themselves their ticket for the 100 free plays with the offerer completely simply by a qualifying deposit. This must be accomplished from the previous Thursday to the respective Wednesday and should exhibit in each case an amount of 100 euro or more.

On Wednesday then between 00.00 o’clock and 23.59 o’clock the bonus must be activated, which is transferred thereupon immediately to the own account. Of course, the 100 free spins cannot be paid out, but the winnings can be transferred easily. Important: for mobile customers of the offerer a similar action is available. However, the desktop version of the promotion cannot be used with a terminal device.

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Comdirect Customers Can Now Subscribe To Commerzbank Protect Reverse Convertibles On Lufthansa

The comdirect Bank currently offers its customers a more than interesting offer. Anyone who now decides to subscribe to the Protect reverse convertible bond on Lufthansa can achieve an interest rate of 6% p.a.. The term of the bond refers to 12 months, so that the entire investment period can be described as manageable. In principle, comdirect Bank offers its customers corresponding offers of this kind at regular intervals. It is quite possible that attractive fixed interest rates can be achieved and that in the long run a good return can be achieved through the underlying share.

Zu Comdirect!

Which advantages offers the stock bond Protect on Lufthansa of the Commerzbank?

The stock bond Protect on Lufthansa offers the customers of the Commerzbank a more than attractive net yield at a value of 6% interest per year. The term refers to a total of 12 months, which is of course not very much. It should also be noted that the bond is generally much safer than investing directly in the security. The probability of a share delivery is reduced because the corresponding Protect features are available.

What risks do comdirect Bank customers have with this bond?

In general, it should be noted that the risks associated with this bond must of course also be taken into account. In principle, the Lufthansa AG share must be monitored. Should the share price touch the barrier on the valuation date or fall below it, this automatically leads to customers not receiving their capital back but receiving Lufthansa AG shares.

In principle, the shares are subject to market influences throughout the entire term. This means that the development of the market can have a completely negative impact on the value of the bond. It should also be mentioned that if the issuer of the bond becomes insolvent, this can lead to losses up to a total loss. This is possible in this case if the Commerzbank share falls significantly in value or if Commerzbank becomes insolvent.

How can I subscribe to the comdirect Bank reverse convertible bond?

Customers who opt for the comdirect Bank reverse convertible bond can find it on the Internet without any problems. In concrete terms, this means that the Protect reverse convertible bond on Lufthansa can be subscribed with the abbreviation WKN CA2HFP. Customers can subscribe to the offer until 16 July 2018, starting at a fixed price of 1,000 euros.

Why are current accounts and deposits with comdirect Bank recommended?

The comdirect Bank offers its customers good conditions in any case. This starts with the fact that the bank’s customers can, for example, open a free checking account with comdirect Bank. In general, it should be noted that the free current account can be kept free of charge at the bank without any conditions. In concrete terms, this means that customers do not have to do anything to manage the current account free of charge. No monthly receipt of money is required in order to manage the current account free of charge. In addition, it should be mentioned that all customers who have opted for the bank’s free current account can also manage the custody account free of charge. Both products in combination therefore represent real added value for the customers of comdirect Bank in any case.

Which products can I buy online via the deposit account at comdirect Bank?

The selection of products that a customer can buy online at comdirect Bank is quite large. In concrete terms, this means that, for example, corresponding funds, but also ETFs or CFDs can be traded via comdirect Bank. Customers who are interested in comdirect Bank will of course ask themselves where they can trade. It should be noted that trading at comdirect Bank is possible at numerous national and international trading centres. In addition to exchange trading, off-exchange trading is also possible.

In general, it should be mentioned that comdirect Bank, for example, is able to offer a very large selection of funds. In total, more than 10,000 different funds are offered to customers and the selection of ETFs is also significantly larger than is the case with most other banks. A number of several hundred funds as well as several hundred ETFs can also be used to conclude a savings plan, for example.

The savings plan can be concluded at comdirect Bank without any problems via the Internet. In concrete terms, this means that payments are made every month or every three months and money is invested in the savings plan accordingly. In principle, the amount of the savings rate is possible from 25 euros. The intervals in which the savings plan can be used are different and it is possible that the savings plan can be saved with money at different times.

In principle, comdirect Bank quite frequently offers its customers corresponding options, for example to acquire a reverse convertible, or other savings options. As a rule, several reverse convertibles are advertised each month, which usually have a barrier and of course a fixed interest rate. As a result, comdirect Bank’s reverse convertibles are quite well received in the market. As a rule, the bonds can be taken up from a sum of EUR 1,000. It is worth researching the network in advance to find out how high the risk is when subscribing to a reverse convertible and what yields are possible. It should be noted that the barrier is usually only considered on the key date and decides whether the trader is paid back the corresponding proportion of shares, or his money including the interest will be credited.

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