Pepperstone Experiences

The provider Pepperstone, which offers its services from the other side of the world, shows that it can be worthwhile to look outside the box when looking for a suitable online broker for trading CFDs and Forex instruments. From its headquarters in Australia, Pepperstone has focused entirely on trading at the best possible conditions. Traders have the opportunity to trade at conditions that are normally only found in the interbank market. Specifically, according to the online broker’s announcement, spreads are already possible from 0.0 points. In our test, the question of how seriously Pepperstone can be assessed as an online broker also plays an important role. In the interests of our readers, we would like to be able to rule out the possibility of fraud or rip-off.

Our experience at a glance

Within the framework of our test, we have looked at and examined a number of different criteria that are important for the overall evaluation of a provider according to our experience. In addition to the trade offer, the conditions and the support options, these also include payment options, available platforms for the trade and the design of the Internet presence. However, before we go into these aspects point by point, we would first like to present our most important experiences with this online broker. And it quickly becomes clear that Pepperstone is a representative of the industry who focuses primarily on effective and cost-effective trading.

By account model, this online broker gives traders the opportunity to trade at very favourable conditions. In addition, trading takes place at a very high technical level. In concrete terms, this means that individual orders are executed extremely quickly and at precise and reliable conditions. Especially for the most important currency pairs, i.e. combinations of the highly liquid majors, the chances are very good that trading can take place at a spread level of only 0.0 points. The levers that can be used in trading range up to 1:500.

Ab a minimum deposit of only 200 euros can be entered into trading at Pepperstone. The focus of the trading offer is on currency pairs. There are also some commodities and indices. Stocks, on the other hand, cannot be traded. We have also gained a positive impression of the design and layout of Pepperstone’s online presence. Although it is a provider based in Australia that targets the markets in the Asia-Pacific region, the German version of the website is also very successful. Anyone who has ever had to deal with an offer from an online broker that has only been partially translated will know that this is not always a matter of course. In principle, however, we can state that our experience speaks for a very professional online broker, with whom both experienced customers and beginners should be in good hands, who want to specialize primarily in trading with currency pairs.

Can Pepperstone be classified as a serious provider?

To a sometimes neglected, but in our experience quite important aspect, it is the seriousness of an online broker. At a time when trading CFDs and Forex products is enjoying growing popularity, it is inevitable that additional online brokers will enter the market. This basically welcome diversity also has the disadvantage that it is not always easy for the client to separate the wheat from the chaff. Unfortunately, it can never be excluded that an online broker turns out to be dubious, i.e. acts to the disadvantage of the customer, does not fully inform about risks or irresponsibly deals with the deposits of the traders.

Ultimately, however, it is the responsibility of the traders themselves to choose a provider on whom they can fully rely in this respect. In the case of Pepperstone, we have come to the conclusion that it is an absolutely trustworthy representative of this industry. Pepperstone has been in business since 2010 and has always proven to be reliable and economically stable. It is likely that customers will continue to expect the same level in the future. The Australian regulatory authority ASIC, which monitors compliance with the most important standards and ensures in the interests of customers that fraud or rip-offs can be ruled out, is one of the bodies responsible for this.

Pepperstone offers over 70 underlying securities at top conditions

In our experience, Pepperstone is an online broker who is not only suitable for beginners and private traders, but who also offers an interesting offer for professional traders who want to become active on the market with larger volumes. This can be seen from the fact that different account versions are offered, which are aimed at corresponding customer groups. While traders can decide which account best suits their trade in terms of conditions, the complete trading offer can be accessed regardless of the account type. In this section we would like to deal with both aspects.


Multiple account versions are available

All in all there are four different account versions available for trading at Pepperstone. There is also a demo account, which can be used either separately or parallel to a regular trading account. So customers who are not yet sure whether they really want to use Pepperstone’s offer have the opportunity to test it without any obligation or risk. For trading with real credit, however, one of the four account versions must be selected. The Edge Standard is designed for beginners. Trading via this account is settled purely on the basis of spreads, i.e. commissions are not charged. Spreads start trading through this account on a pip. In principle, according to the online broker’s announcement, it is possible to trade at conditions similar to those for institutional customers. Traders who wish to trade on pure market terms, on the other hand, should choose the Edge Razor account. Here, spreads of between 0.0 and 0.8 points are traded on the basis of a commission of 3.5 Australian dollars.

However, account management is in principle also possible in other currencies and also in euros. In contrast to the standard account, this razor account offers additional functions and strategies, such as hedging or scalping. In addition, so-called Expert Advisors can be used. The Islamic account is a modification of this account and complies with Sharia regulations. In particular, no swaps are used here, although scalping and hedging are also possible here. The spreads in Euro vs. US Dollar trading are between 1 and 1.2 points, whereby no commissions have to be taken into account. The “Active Trader” model is also available as the fourth account, which was designed primarily for institutional clients and traders with very high trading volumes.

While the other account models described so far can be entered with an amount of only 200 Australian dollars, only traders who enter with at least 25,000 Australian dollars are eligible for the “Active Traders” account. The account can also be held in other currencies, including US dollars or euros. Customers can then expect more intensive and above all individual customer service. Depending on the trading volume, it is also possible to agree individually suitable conditions. With all the account versions mentioned, however, you can fall back on the identical range of underlying assets. In the following section, we would like to take a closer look at this offer.

Foreign exchange, commodity and index underlyings

We have already mentioned elsewhere that Pepperstone is an online broker with core competence in the area of forex. However, the broker obviously only concentrates on a very selected offer with the aim of offering customers the best conditions. Underlyings from the categories currency pairs, commodities and indices are available for trading. The largest selection is in the area of currency pairs, where around 50 individual combinations are offered for trading. In an extensive table, not only the available combinations can be determined, but also the conditions to be expected. The euro/US dollar exchange rate can be traded from a spread of 0 points, whereby the average value is 0.2 points.

All in all, the offer in this category comprises a very large selection of different currencies. Of course, all combinations of the world’s major currencies can be traded. In addition, the available combinations also include currencies from countries such as Russia, South Africa and Turkey. The other dollar currencies of New Zealand, Singapore and Canada also play an important role. Furthermore, important European currencies can be traded, including the Norwegian krone and the Swedish krona. Other Eastern European currencies are also available, such as the Polish zloty and the Czech koruna. And, of course, the Swiss franc is also available from the broker.

In the commodities category, both precious metals and energy values can be accessed. In the precious metals category, gold, silver, platinum and palladium are on the price list. You can also speculate on the prices of oil and natural gas, with oil available in Brent and WTI grades. Less diversified is the offer in CFD trading, where only indices are offered for trading, while stocks are not available. With the selection of indices offered by Pepperstone in CFD trading, traders have the opportunity to bet on the most diverse regions and benefit from their development. First of all, the most globally respected stocks such as the Dow Jones, the Nasdaq, the Nikkei as well as the EuroStoxx or the Dax are available. But the stock market barometers of Great Britain, France and Italy can also be traded via Pepperstone. And of course the AUS200 index, which summarises the performance of the most important Australian stocks, is not missing either. Leverages of up to 1:500 can be used for trading in the underlyings mentioned. The corresponding leverage can be permanently set for trading via a specific account. Of course, less strong leverage ratios are also possible. In principle, it is also possible to trade 1:1, i.e. practically without leverage. In our experience, clients who want to trade with a focus on Forex at favourable conditions will find a very good offer at Pepperstone.

Bonus for new clients is not part of the offer

The importance of the bonus is a topic that is often discussed intensively among traders. While some people are convinced that they can profit from a high bonus, others see it more as an influence on the trader, which does not always work to his advantage. A deposit bonus provides each trader with additional capital, which he can use in trading. In principle, this acts as an additional lever. However, both the amount of the bonus payment and the disbursement of funds are linked to extensive conditions. For example, winnings made using bonus credits can only be paid out if high demands are met on the total trading turnover. Against this background, a bonus does not have to have a positive effect on the overall result. Be that as it may, in Pepperstone’s case, traders do not need to worry about such issues, as a deposit bonus is currently not part of the offer either for new customers or for existing customers.

Multiple methods for deposits and withdrawals available

In order to participate in trading currency pairs or commodities, it is first necessary to deposit funds into the trading account. In addition to the Australian Dollar, the default currency, Pepperstone’s trading account can also be maintained in various other currencies, including Euro. Deposits can be made using various methods and providers. In principle, deposits can be made by bank transfer. In addition, various internet-based service providers are available. And, of course, it is also possible to capitalize the trading account with a credit card.

The list of service partners is long and will not be presented in full here. VISA and MasterCard, but also with Neteller or Skrill can be deposited. While bank transfers take several working days until the credit is received on the trading account, other methods usually take only a few minutes. Fees are not charged by Pepperstone. The same methods can also be used to pay out credit. The process is carried out in the customer’s personal account and, according to Pepperstone, processed within one day. In our test, we have found Pepperstone to be very reliable in processing deposits and withdrawals.

Pepperstone is regulated by the Australian authorities

With regard to security, customers can feel that they are in good hands. It is a regulated supplier. As the company is headquartered in Australia, the relevant authority is ASIC. The requirements can be compared with those in Europe. Regulated online brokers in Down Under are obliged to respect the interests of their customers. In concrete terms, fair trading conditions must be implemented and trading risks made known. A further aspect with regard to security can be seen in the handling of customer funds. Regulated providers are obliged to manage corporate funds and client funds separately from each other. In the case of Pepperstone, clients’ funds are held at National Australia Bank or HSBC. Even in the event of insolvency, customers can still access their credit balances.

Support and customer service partly in English

And Pepperstone also strives to maintain an attractive level of support. In contrast to the internet presence, the support is not offered in German. The Online Broker has a branch in London, which can be contacted by telephone in case of technical problems or questions. In addition, international support can also be provided around the clock. In addition to the telephone, a live chat service and e-mail can also be used for this purpose.

The website is very customer-friendly

We have found the Pepperstone website to be very informative and user-friendly. The Online Broker has been very successful in providing customers with as much support as possible in this way. It is therefore not always necessary to contact a responsible person by telephone. Particularly in the FAQ area, many questions can be clarified around the trade. The offer also includes various contents aimed at the further development of traders. For example, a guide is offered which is intended to facilitate the entry into trading by presenting trading principles, the most important terms but also possible strategies. And also a glossary belongs to the offer of Pepperstone.

Mobile App

The trade itself can be completed on basis of different platforms. In addition to the MetaTrader versions four and five, the cTrader for professional requirements is also available. In addition to the basic platforms, mobile versions are also available, which can be downloaded free of charge and installed on the corresponding terminal device. This also ensures sufficient flexibility for trading. The mobile versions offer extensive possibilities for trading, so that trading can be carried out almost fully even away from the home computer.

Fazit – Pepperstone offers professional Forex trading

For our review we took a closer look at the online broker Pepperstone and got to know a quite convincing representative of this industry. The supplier scores above all with a very professional handling of the trade, with which one can operate to very favorable conditions. The range of underlyings has a clear focus on currencies. In addition, commodities can also be traded. The range is supplemented by several indices. Four account versions and several platform variants are available for trading itself. In addition to the classic versions for the desktop PC, the mobile versions can also be downloaded. And we have also tested a convincing provider in terms of reliability. Not only our experience, but also the regulation by the Australian authority ASIC.

speaks for this.

Titantrade Experience

Attention: TitanTrade has no regulation, therefore we cannot recommend a registration currently. Please use our Broker Comparison and choose an alternative broker like IQ Option or anyoption.

If you don’t want to be satisfied with small returns in conventional trading, you need a provider like TitanTrade. With the very simply to be used trading instrument of the binary options this offerer offers net yields of up to 85 per cent with only one Trade within shortest time. With additional instruments, the potential return can be even higher. In addition, around 60 underlying instruments are available for trading.

However, it is not only the instruments offered for trading that the provider uses to advertise TitanTrade. Also a smooth completion of the trade, a good Kundenservice as well as extensive training further possibilities belong to the advantages of this on-line broker. Now our experience shows that announcements about the qualities of a provider are always made faster than their concrete implementation. Before one decides thus for a certain offerer, it is important to know, how the respective points are converted concretely.

A high attention the Trader should dedicate also to the question, how it is ordered around the respectability as well as in particular around the security of the deposits on the trading account. This applies in particular to providers who are not subject to state regulation. Because only if fraud or Abzocke can be excluded surely, one can decide also in good conscience for a certain offerer. The answers to the various questions follow in our current review.

Our experience with TitanTrade at a glance

All in all, our experience with TitanTrade has shown that investors can expect a solid provider for binary options trading. TitanTrade has a lot to offer both in terms of trading opportunities and in terms of additional features to support investors.

Solid, albeit not above average, the offer of tradable underlyings must first be described. A total of approx. 60 stocks are available for trading, covering all common categories. For a greater variety, as well as an additional increase of the yield possibilities, there are also several variants for trading in the program. The provider, which has its company headquarters in Great Britain, but which handles the trade itself via servers outside Europe, also offers a solid range of services and support, but which is not available in German. This means that the range of educational services, which is also good, can only be used to a limited extent, at least if there is no comprehensive knowledge of English available.

In view of this, the overall verdict can apply that although many opportunities are available in retail, the use of additional services depends on personal language skills. In any case, it is positive to note that no fees are charged for deposits and withdrawals as well as for account management and trading itself.

Is TitanTrade a reputable provider or not?

Independent of it, which conditions for the trade are required, and which auxiliary achievements are made available by a offerer, investors should keep href=””the correct Brokers always the question in the view with the choice, how respectably and reliably the concrete offerer is to be estimated. For outsiders there are however only few reliable reference points, in order to judge this characteristic reliably, in particular if it does not concern a regulated representative, as in the case of TitanTrade.

While online brokers, who are subject to an official regulatory authority, must apply important standards for the settlement of trades and for the handling of customer deposits, non-regulated providers are voluntary standards, compliance with which is not monitored.

The decision for or against a particular provider is therefore primarily a matter of trust. However, the fact that there have been no irregularities since the company was founded in 2013, which suggest that there are doubts about the seriousness of the provider, speaks in favour of the fact that one can fundamentally trust this provider and that there is no need to fear fraud or rip-offs.

trading-with 60-values at good conditions

For all services, which are offered additionally around the trade with binary options, it depends for most traders above all on the possibilities, which are available in the trade itself. With the online broker TitanTrade the strengths are to be seen after our experience clearly thereby in the range of the trading instruments. While there is a very large variety of choices here, a selection of 60 underlyings rather means the typical average. However, we generally tend not to overestimate the pure number of available underlyings. Ultimately, in concrete trading with binary options, it is evident time and again that traders follow certain patterns and ultimately trade only a few underlying assets. Instead of a large number of underlying assets, it is therefore much more important that a good selection of assets is available. While the answer to the question of what a good selection should look like always lies in some way in the eye of the beholder, TitanTrade’s portfolio can be described as balanced and well structured. The focus is clearly on indices and equities, with 20 stocks each to choose from. In addition, seven commodities are offered for trading as well as twelve currency pairs.

By compiling the trading portfolio, it is not only possible to focus on trends and developments in all important economic regions of the world, but also to trade practically around the clock. With the most important kind of trade, the simple Put and Call options thereby top net yields of 85 per cent can be obtained. However, our experience in trading has shown that, on average, somewhat lower values can be expected. Not only short-term trading in the range between 60 seconds and five minutes is possible. Options with significantly longer maturities are also offered, whereby you can choose between periods from a few days to a complete year.

Significantly higher yield opportunities can also be achieved with the additional trading variants offered. TitanTrade offers the methods One Touch and Ladder. In addition, additional instruments can also be used to optimize or secure returns or to limit losses. If, for example, a position develops as desired, the “Double” function can be used to expand the yield opportunity over time. With the “Buy me Out” function, options can be returned without losing the entire stake. Another way of saving a position is to extend the term. This allows the time until the position expires to be extended, so that the trader has the chance that his position still “in the money” expires. Last but not least, there is also a special version of social trading called Trade Follow, where investors can benefit from particularly successful traders by following their strategies.

Thanks to the combination of the many trading instruments, the investor always has a broadly graduated trading spectrum, which enables absolutely professional trading.

Graduated bonus for new customers

It can now be considered standard among providers for trading with binary options that new customers are offered a bonus on their first deposit. The bonus payments follow thereby a very simple principle. Staggered after the height of the first deposit additional commercial capital is granted to the new customer as bonus. In the case of TitanTrade, this practice is implemented by differentiating between several account types. A total of four different account types are available, which are called mini accounts, standard accounts, deluxe accounts and platinum accounts. The mini account is assigned from an amount of 350 Euro, from 5001 Euro the customer receives a standard account and from an initial deposit of 35.000 Euro a deluxe account can be used, while the platinum account is assigned from an initial deposit of more than 50.0000 Euro.

Only for the single mini account there is no bonus at all. In the case of the standard account you can expect a deposit bonus of up to 50 percent, in the case of the deluxe account even up to 75 percent. In the case of the Platinum account the deposit bonus can be negotiated even individually.

In addition still some further auxiliary achievements stand in connection with the respective account version, which can be evaluated in principle likewise as bonus achievement.

With reference to the disbursement of the bonus amounts once well written apply with TitanTrade, as with all other offerers also, clear rules, which prevent that the customers can be paid out the additional assets immediately. Concretely the appropriate amounts must be used first in the trade, before the investors the amounts and/or also profits obtained with it can be transferred to the own account. It applies that for a disbursement first the 20fache conversion regarding the deposit and bonus achievement must have been obtained.

Various possibilities with in – and disbursements

Absolut branchenüblich is also that, which expects the customer within the range in – and disbursements. In addition to a number of credit cards, various Internet service providers, so-called E Wallets, can also be used to transfer trading capital to TitanTrade’s trading account. In the credit card sector, the services of Visa, MasterCard, Visa Electron and Maestro are accepted. With regard to Internet service providers, the provider refers to country-specific regulations. In addition, bank transfers can also be used for deposits.

In principle, there is no minimum deposit. Since, however, a minimum credit of 250 Euro is required for the mini account, this amount is considered the minimum amount at least for the first deposit. For further deposits, however, smaller sums can be transferred.

In principle, the same methods are also available for the purpose of disbursement. The periods that must be taken into account depend on the account used. While the Platinum account guarantees immediate processing of payout requests, the Mini account specifies a seven-day period during which payout requests are guaranteed to be processed. In principle, withdrawals can be made more frequently without incurring any fees. The minimum amount for a payout is 100 Euro. In principle the account can be led not only in euro, but if necessary also in US Dollar or in British Pound.

No regulation of the offerer TitanTrade

Although the offerer TitanTrade has its address in London, it is not subject to any national regulation. This is due to the fact that the actual financial transactions are handled by a provider based outside the EU. Beyond that the offerer assures however to apply both regarding the customer data and to the customer deposits usual safety standards. However, the extent to which this will be implemented in practice is difficult to verify. What speaks in favour of the company, however, is that so far there have been no problems whatsoever in the settlement of trading transactions or in the disbursement of funds. Therefore it can probably be assumed that fraud or rip-offs are not to be expected in the future either.

support and customer service, especially in English

How seriously a provider takes the needs of its customers with regard to security and support in retail, can also be seen in how well the service and support area is equipped. As far as TitanTrade is concerned, there is a very good range of services available in this area. However, users from Germany only enjoy this offer to a limited extent. This begins with the fact that no specific telephone number is offered for German customers. Who wants to use the telephone service, which is available on seven days of the week around the clock, must call against it with the support in Great Britain, and therefore have sufficient English knowledge.

Who does not dare this, is dependent on it, either by email its questions and requests to the service department to address, or to use the live Chat function. But also here, so our experience with the offerer showed, German knowledge may not be presupposed in principle. The extent to which the support can be used depends on the employee to whom the customer is currently connected.

structure and content of the website

In contrast to support, however, many of the content on the website is far from being available in German. The main page, as well as the most important information around the trade are completely in German. On the other hand, the provider has not yet taken the trouble to translate the bonus conditions or the general terms and conditions into the German language. However, this does not change the fact that the site as a whole follows a very clear structure, so that the visitor of this site finds his way around very quickly. This also applies to the trading platform, which enables a very fast orientation, so that even beginners should gain a foothold very quickly. To the offer, which can be used over the web page, belongs also a restaurant calendar, as well as regular market reviews. Beside impulses for the current trade besides also video-based training courses and concrete trading strategies are presented, at which the traders can align their own strategies.

App for mobile trading is available

For customers who place great demands on their individual flexibility when trading binary options, TitanTrade also offers its own app, which allows them to trade very conveniently with a smartphone or tablet. So far, however, this solution is only available for Android. If you have no problems trading via the browser-based platform, you will get along with this app right away. In principle, the solution offers all the possibilities that are also available via the conventional platform. Additional offers such as trading signals and market information can also be used in this way.

“Conclusion: Option trading in many variants with TitanTrade

With the provider TitanTrade we have tested an online broker that basically offers all possibilities for trading with binary options. On the basis of 60 underlyings, numerous instruments can be used. As a special offer, the Trade Follow instrument can also be used to copy the strategy of other successful traders according to the principle of social trading. In addition, the provider also offers the usual additional services in the areas of support, market information and mobile trading, but sufficient English language skills should be available for full use.

Since in the past there have never been any problems with the settlement of trades or with deposits and withdrawals, we generally assume that neither fraud nor rip-off will have to be feared with this provider in the future.


I decided already some years ago for the on-line broker TitanTrade and noticed fast that one can act here not only exzellent, but also many possibilities has to develop itself further. So the experts of the broker always present new and interesting strategies, which open many new perspectives. Unfortunately there is no demo account yet.

written 12 months ago

Thinkmarkets Experiences

The market for exchange trading for private traders is still a growing segment. This does not refer to long-term investments in stock exchange products of various kinds, but to the intensive trading of leveraged financial products. This development was made possible above all by the widespread use of fast Internet access and the availability of trading techniques that could previously only be used by professional traders. A growing number of providers are offering private traders the opportunity to participate in this type of trading at low cost. One such provider is the Australian Online Broker ThinkMarkets. With around 50 underlyings from the areas of commodities, currency pairs and indices, ThinkMarkets provides its customers with a small but very fine range of products for leveraged trading. Leverages of up to 1:400 can be used. The conditions, which are offered by ThinkMarkets for the trade, rank among the most favorable in the industry.

About all we see, however, the criterion of seriousness, which should be fulfilled in any case. In our review we would therefore like to report on how trading and the additional offers are implemented in practice and whether the broker is a reputable provider whom traders can fully trust. We would like to be able to rule out the possibility that customers will have to make experiences with fraud or rip-off.

Our experiences at a glance

Before we dedicate ourselves to the individual criteria that we have used for our ThinkMarkets tests, we would like to summarise our most important experiences in this chapter. In principle, we would like to say at the outset that, of course, the overall picture of a broker should ultimately form the basis for the decision as to whether an account should be opened or not. However, it is precisely this that makes the choice of the right broker sometimes very difficult. A quick glance at the offer is usually of little use, as the real advantages, but ultimately also the weaknesses of a provider only become apparent when the broker has been used intensively for a few months. In our experience, communication with the customer is important for successful long-term use. Many online brokers pursue the strategy of targeting an international clientele. ThinkMarkets, a broker based in Australia and Great Britain, has also set its sights on customers from many different countries. The German market is also part of ThinkMarkets’ catchment area.

It is gratifying that an Internet platform completely in German is also being made available for this purpose. Differently than some other on-line Broker, who translates only the starting side and the customers then with either badly or also not at all translated contents on the other sides alone leaves, offer themselves thus also for customers without foreign language knowledge best conditions. Our experience with ThinkMarkets shows that the market information and educational offerings can also be used in German. The same applies to support, where a separate number is available for German customers, which can also be used free of charge. The prerequisites for successful trading are therefore in place. And the trade itself can also be carried out under the best conditions. Although a rather small range of underlyings is provided, which only includes a little more than 50 individual securities.

However, this includes the most important global values from the areas of currency pairs, indices and commodities. Much more important is that you can trade permanently at very favourable conditions. This also has a long-term positive effect on the individual trading result. In order to settle the trade, the customer can choose between the MetaTrader 4 software and the ThinkTrader. Thus he also has the choice whether he wants to trade with a permanently installable software or with a browser-based variant. And, of course, all options are available to participate in mobile trading. Before entering into real trading, ThinkMarkets also makes it possible to extensively test the quality and technology of this provider. With the free demo account under real conditions with virtual capital the trade can be traded risk-free. All in all, the best conditions for trading prevail. Whether this offerer can be also fully and completely trusted, we would like to clarify in the now following section.

Check: Is ThinkMarkets serious?

At the beginning we pointed out that the market for private exchange trading is a growing segment in which new players are constantly positioning themselves. Unfortunately, it cannot be assumed per se that all providers have only the best intentions. It has always been the exception when individual online brokers have been convicted of fraud or manipulation. Nevertheless, it should of course be ruled out that such an agent could be found. In addition, there are providers who stand on feet of clay economically. Also this danger cannot be recognized for the individual Trader so easily. However, if the chosen online broker becomes insolvent, the trading capital may be completely lost under certain circumstances.

However, both cases can be largely avoided if the right broker is carefully selected. In any case, we did not come across any indications in the course of our test that this is a dubious provider. The conditions and settlement of the trade were as transparent as possible. The announced conditions were always adhered to and deposits and withdrawals were processed reliably. The fact that this provider is regulated by the relevant authorities at its two branches in Australia and Great Britain also speaks for the seriousness of this provider. Against this background, it is safe to assume that important basic standards in the area of customer protection and deposit security will be adhered to. All in all, we come to the conclusion that fraud or rip-off with this provider definitely does not have to be feared.

Offer: approx. 50 Underlyings at good trading conditions

Of course we always advise to take a close look at all facets of an online broker before deciding for or against a provider. Of course, it is also clear to us that the actual offer of underlying assets has a special significance in this decision. After all, traders should only trade in underlying securities that they are familiar with. It is therefore important that those underlying securities and segments are available that are to be traded in the long term. Many Online Forex Brokers offer a range of different account formats, in which different conditions and various additional services in the area of service and support prevail, mostly staggered according to deposit amount. In the case of ThinkMarkets, different account types are also available. However, it is only decided whether it is an account for an individual, a joint account or an account for an institution. For private traders, therefore, only a specific account version can be considered, through which the entire range of support and trading services can be accessed. Therefore, we would like to go into the offer of underlyings in more detail first and then present the support offer afterwards.

Underly values from three categories

The Online Broker ThinkMarkets clearly pursues the strategy of concentrating only on a small selection of underlyings in its trading offer, while at the same time offering the best possible conditions. The offer of a total of slightly more than 50 underlyings includes the categories currency pairs, commodities and indices. Equities, which in many cases are made available for trading as an additional category, are missing from the range of think markets. Nevertheless, we come to the conclusion that there are sufficient opportunities on the basis of the offer of ThinkMarkets to bet on a number of globally important regions and trends and to pursue different strategies in doing so. The broadest offer is in the area of currency pairs, of which 35 combinations alone can be traded.

The first presents are all the major majors, i.e. the US dollar, the euro, the Japanese yen and the British pound. In highly liquid euro-dollar trading, it is even possible to actually trade without a spread. However, this requires a premium status, for which higher volumes must be traded. Normally, however, a spread of only 0.8 points must be expected, which also represents a very favourable value. For the other major pairs, the spreads are in the range of one point (US dollar vs. Japanese yen) or 1.2 points (British pound vs. US dollar). In addition to the majors mentioned above, there are many other currencies available in various combinations, whereby quite favorable conditions are also offered. The currencies also available include Swiss francs, the dollar currencies of Australia, Singapore and Canada, the Norwegian krone, the Turkish lira and also the Chinese renminbi.

The indices category also offers a selection of underlyings reflecting a broad spectrum of the world economy. The most important global benchmark indices of the major economic nations and regions are available first, such as the Dow Jones, the Nikkei, the EuroStoxx or the DAX. In addition, there are the important indices of Great Britain, France and Australia. A total of eight indices are available. In the third category, commodities, both precious metals and energy stocks can be traded. Energy stocks can be chosen between the two oil types Brent and WTI. Trading in precious metals includes gold and silver, whereby mini contract versions are also available in each case. The levers that can be used in these areas are 1:400, as are the currency pairs. The indices are traded with a leverage of 1:200.

Substance support for trading

The availability of underlying assets for trading is one thing, the ability of the trader is another. While experienced traders orientate themselves exclusively on underlying assets and conditions, it is especially important for beginners to find a provider who supports them well in their first steps on the trading floor. With ThinkMarkets, we have tested a broker who is also very well positioned in this respect. The corresponding offer includes not only content for beginners, but also valuable features for advanced traders.

So beginners can inform themselves quite extensively about the concept of CFD trading and important terms. In addition there is the possibility to get to know the most important strategies and their application possibilities. Beside these contents there is also access to a wide range of videos. Traders can learn about trading techniques on the platforms offered. In advanced courses it is also possible to acquire knowledge and skills in the area of chart analysis. Webinars are also held at regular intervals. Whereby also special formats for German customers are available. The offer is flanked by a glossary in which the most important terms can be looked up. All in all, customers at ThinkMarkets can rely on a very well structured and substantially high-quality support offer that is tailored to the selection of the underlying assets.

No bonus for new customers in the offer

In view of the variety of different providers for trading in leveraged exchange products, it is not always easy for private traders to find the right representative. Many on-line brokers use this in such a way out, by trying to make attentive with high bonus possibilities on itself. At the same time, one cannot avoid the suspicion that deficits in the actual offer are to be distracted. Against this background, the lack of a deposit bonus does not have to be generally considered a disadvantage. So it is also in the case of ThinkMarkets, with which at present no additional commercial capital is made available to the deposit amount.

Deposit and withdrawal by credit card, e-wallet or bank transfer

With a view to the possibilities that are available for deposits and withdrawals, a decent range of variants can be accessed. The classical bank transfer is initially possible. Beyond that can be deposited however also by credit card and paid out. The Visa and MasterCard providers are available to choose from here. Last but not least, ThinkMarkets also cooperates with a number of Internet-based service providers. ThinkMarkets cooperates here with providers such as Skrill, Neteller, FasaPay or WebMoney. While the provider assures that it will not charge any fees for any of the transactions, there are of course differences in speed. The fastest way to get the money is to pay by credit card, where the credit can usually be traded immediately after the transaction has been completed. Even with most Internet-based providers, it does not take longer than an hour for the money to be available. Bank transfers, on the other hand, can take several days. Payouts are paid exclusively to the source with which they were made. Such orders are processed within 24 hours.

Security and regulation at an attractive level

An important point for the evaluation of an online broker is the question of regulation. Only with regulated CFD providers traders can also be sure that important standards are adhered to and that the money with the provider is also safe. With ThinkMarkets, customers can rely on the benefits of a regulated provider. Among other things, the provider has a branch in London, so that the local authority FCA is responsible. In this context, customer funds are stored exclusively on accounts of reputable banks, so that all security standards are met.

Support and customer service also available in German language

The standards that we learned about in our test in the area of support were also outstanding. If required, this can be achieved in different ways. In addition to the e-mail, which should be used for simple enquiries, a live chat is also available. In principle, this can be used around the clock. For traders, who look for the personal contact, besides different telephone numbers are offered. And also German customers find here a possibility to use the support in their national language. We made the experience besides that here on a competent as well as always friendly service can be set.

High user friendliness of the web page is given

The best offers within the range trade, service and support use little, if they are offered in the context of a badly conceived Internet appearance. But in this regard the Trader need not worry with ThinkMarkets any to make itself. The completely in German available Website offers a fast orientation due to its conception, so that also inexperienced visitors will find their way fast. In a FAQ range it is besides possible to make itself purposefully and effectively familiar with the most important criteria approximately around the offer of ThinkMarkets, without thereby the support to strive.

Mobile App

A firm component of each on-line Brokers is meanwhile the possibility at the mobile trade to participate. Also ThinkMarkets positioned itself accordingly and offers all appropriate possibilities to its customers. In principle, two different platforms are made available, in addition to the MetaTrader as a software-based version also the browser-based ThinkTrader. Regardless of which variant the trader chooses, a mobile version is also available, which can be downloaded free of charge from the ThinkMarkets website. The possibilities that are available with the mobile versions are very extensive and also with regard to the handling the traders hardly have to change compared to the main platform.

Fazit – ThinkMarkets offers a lot of support for effective trading

In our current test we took a closer look at the ThinkMarkets offer. All in all, we came across a convincing online broker who fully concentrates on leveraged trading in currency pairs, commodities and indices. Only a rather small range of underlying assets can be accessed, which can however be traded at very favourable conditions. However, we were particularly convinced by the support offer, which is fully geared to the trading offer. Especially beginners are provided with a lot of information in order to create a successful entry. A continuous advancement is possible besides with structure contents, among them regular Webinars, which are available also particularly for German customers. Also the support is offered in German language. The online broker is regulated by the British FCA, so that best conditions prevail also regarding security and reliability. Fraud or rip-offs definitely do not have to be feared.

Yakocasino Experiences

Online casinos are getting ready to conquer the market more and more. The reasons for this are obvious. Online casinos offer a lot to the players. That begins already with the offer, which they present to the customers. There are here usually a quantity of plays, to which the customer can fall back. But security is not disregarded either. One provider that combines many aspects is YakoCasino. For example, there is no fraud and rip-off here, because the casino is equipped with two valid gambling licenses. However, the following YakoCasino test will not only be limited to these things, but will also examine other aspects more closely.

Our experiences at a glance

The YakoCasino experiences are very good. There are a lot of casino games the customer can enjoy. The games range from slot machines to card and table games to a good range of live games. You can also be sure that you are on the move in this casino. There are two gambling licenses at the same time. One comes from one of the most famous gaming authorities, the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), the other from the responsible gaming authority in Curacao. But also apart from games and license the casino makes a good figure. There is a good bonus as well as a very good support, which can shine among other things with a gigantic FAQ range. A mobile offer is also available. The customer does not even need an App for this, but only its appropriate mobile device.

YakoCasino in the check: Fraud or respectable?

The question whether a Casino is respectable or not, one must examine unfortunately with each offerer. That is no general distrust opposite the offerer, but serves rather the protection of the customer. If it concerns the YakoCasino, the customers must make themselves however absolutely no thoughts, because here surely and respectably one plays. There are certainly no fraudulent measures here. The already mentioned gambling licenses are an indicator why the casino is safe. In addition, there are also other clues that count in favor of the casino. If you look at the logos of the payment providers, you can see that there are quite a few well-known names on the way. For their reputation it would most likely not be very beneficial if they found out that they provided their services in a dubious casino. Not least for this reason, it can be assumed that the providers themselves will have done their homework and made enquiries in advance. The popular list of game manufacturers also gives a hint. Because here you will find no less well known names, which would also not look good if they were associated with dubious providers.


The offer of an online casino is often very versatile – so also in the YakoCasino. There is a healthy mix of different casino games. There are slot machines, also called online slots, card and table games as well as a live offer. More does not go in puncto Casino nearly really.


Slot machines

The on-line Slots constitute a very large portion of the entire offer. There are different genres as well as a number of different manufacturers who are responsible for the casino games. For example, there are machines from NetEnt, PlayNGo, Quickspin, Playson or NyxGaming. If you follow the online casino scene closely, you know that these names are among the biggest in the industry. So it’s no wonder that slots such as Starburst, Hot Ink or Lucky Witch are among those that customers can tackle here. With online slots, however, the jackpots also have to be taken into account again and again. They offer the player the chance to win not only the attractive reel winnings but also a warm rain of money in the form of a sumptuous jackpot win. Mega Fortune, Hall of Gods, Fruit Fiesta or Arabian Nights are slot games whose names sound like music to the ears of the players. The player can also test some of the slots in a play money mode. So you get practice and get familiar with the games.

Card and Table Games

YakoCasino offers card and table games as far as the eye can see. The absolute classics are Black Jack and Roulette. These games are of course available in abundance. There are several variants of these games available. Poker, Craps or Baccarat also belong to the games that the customer can enjoy here in this casino. Theoretically there is also the possibility to try out these games in a test mode, but that doesn’t quite work out here. As soon as you choose this option, you will always be redirected back to the starting page.

Virtual Sports

Sports-enthusiastic players will get their money’s worth here at YakoCasino. There is an offer at virtual sport. Here you can find games like Virtual Soccer, the Virtual World Cup or Touchdown. Just the right thing for players who need a little break from the traditional casino classics.

Live Casino

The Live Casino is a development that combines the best of both worlds. It offers the customer the advantages of an on-line Casino, provides however at the same time for a flair, how one experiences it nearly only in a genuine gaming house. The reason: In a live Casino there are genuine Dealer and Croupiers, with which the customer plays. No computers, no automated processes. Here at YakoCasino there is a very large number of different live offers from which customers can choose their personal favorites. Poker, Black Jack, Roulette or Baccarat are among the games that the customer can enjoy here in a unique atmosphere. There are several different variants of poker alone – sometimes a little unusual for a live casino. The live offer is important from different points of view. For example, it provides the player with a more relaxed gaming experience, as he can follow live and in real time what is happening at the gaming table. He can see how the dealer deals the cards or how the croupiers throw the balls into the roulette wheel – after all, real people sit at the table and lead the games. Nevertheless in addition, the computer-controlled plays are safe and respectable.

Bonus for new customers

The bonus for new customers is with the Casino operators a very popular means. It serves the purpose of thanking the customer for opening an account and of giving the player a further incentive to play? But how does such a bonus look like? Well, there are basically three variants: Either there is only one deposit bonus, in the context of which the deposit amount is upgraded. Some providers also distribute free spins instead of money. And other providers on the other hand offer their customers a combination of free spins and money bonus.

In YakoCasino they have decided on the last variant. The customer receives as welcome bonus a bonus at a value of 100 per cent on its first deposit. The maximum bonus amount here is 222 euros. On top there are however again 222 Free Spins for the well-known Slot Starburst. But this is not the only welcome bonus the customer receives. Alone for the successful registration he can already get ten free spins for Starburst.

As with any other bonus, the customer must keep an eye on the sales conditions. If these conditions are not met, the customer will not be able to withdraw the bonus. The sales conditions apply both to the money bonus and to the winnings generated from the free spins. In order to convert the financial bonus into real money, the customer must convert the bonus amount a total of 25 times. If the customer succeeds in generating winnings from his free spins, these must be converted 35 times before the customer receives these winnings as real money. Also important: When playing with bonus money, the stakes may not exceed the maximum limit of five euros. If you deposit with Neteller or Skrill, you are not entitled to the Welcome Bonus. Of course, a customer can also refuse the bonus at any time. However, this must be set in advance. If you reject the welcome bonus, you are not entitled to the free spins. In addition, the customer must note that the stakes cannot be calculated for all games in the same percentage weighting against the sales conditions. While for Slots the full 100 per cent to beech stand, the lovers of Black Jack and CO. with only one per cent must be content.

Deposit and payout

Deposits and payouts belong to the most central topics, if it concerns an on-line Casino. Because finally the customer would like to know, in which way he gets money on his account and how he can lift it from there also again. So that one enjoys as offerer with the customers a good call, it is recommended to take up several usual means of payment in the Portfolio. The reason is clear: The more payment kinds are available, the more customers could decide also for the Casino.

In the YakoCasino there is no classical list, on which the customer can find the payment kinds, which are offered here. However it can come over detours to the appropriate information. For example, at the end of the page you will find logos of well-known payment providers. Also a look into the FAQ can find further information here. This completes the picture, and the customer knows which payment methods await him here. For example, it is possible to pay with common credit cards. Visa and Mastercard, the two largest providers in the industry, are accepted. Banking methods are also part of the payment options portfolio. These include Trustly, Giropay and Sofortüberweisung. With the last two variants, however, online access to the current account is mandatory. In the course of the payment process, payment data and a TAN are required, among other things. If this information is not available, the transaction cannot be completed. The advantage, however, is that – in contrast to conventional bank transfers – the amount flows immediately into the gaming account. The same is also possible with Skrill, Neteller or the Paysafecard. Skrill and Neteller are e-wallets. With the help of these digital wallets, the money can be conveniently transferred and also completed in the shortest possible time. The player can also top up his account with prepaid credit. The Paysafecard is used for this purpose. These are available at selected points of sale with different value dates. In order to deposit the money into his gaming account, the customer needs a code. He can also freely decide whether he wants to transfer partial amounts or the complete value of the purchased card.

Detailed information on the payment methods is not available here. However, there is a hint that the same payment method should be used for withdrawal requests that the customer used to transfer money to his account. This should prevent money laundering. However, with some payment methods this procedure is problematic or not possible at all. Those who pay by Paysafecard, Giropay or Sofortüberweisung cannot use these methods for the payout. They are simply not designed for this. In this case, it is advisable to contact support.

Security and regulation

Security and regulation are two central issues in the gambling sector. Because if an on-line Casino is not regulated, it is not safe. Thus then also the further above posed question to the Seriosität can be answered clearly. In the YakoCasino however there is nothing, which would have to prepare for the customer worries. There are even two valid gambling licenses. One licence comes from Malta and is issued by none other than the MGA, the Malta Gaming Authority. The other licence comes from Curacao. What sounds like vacation and cocktails here at first, nevertheless contains a decent gambling authority that sets very high standards for the casinos. Fraud and rip-off are therefore not possible in the YakoCasino.

There are several topics that play a very important role in licensing. If you deposit money in a casino and enter the corresponding data, you naturally want this data to be securely encrypted. But also personal data, which are indicated with the registration or with the log in, must be protected accordingly. If the provider can prove this encryption, everything is fine. YakoCasino uses secure SSL encryption and cooperates with Comodo. This is indicated by the company logo located at the bottom of the page. But also fair play is an essential point in an online casino. Especially in the gambling area, the customer must have the certainty that he is not cheated while playing and the game results are actually all purely coincidental. In order to guarantee this, a software is used which functions like a random generator. This is called an RNG, the Random Number Generator. It is not least this software, which is particularly gladly and often examined by the authorities. Imagine the consequences if it came out that a casino does not play cleanly and seriously. Therefore also after the successful licensing again and again examinations are accomplished, in order to ensure the durable harmlessness of the offerers.

Support and customer service

Support and customer service are aspects, which leave quite a lasting impression on the visiting card of a offerer. Because the support shows, how much the Casinos worry about questions or problems of their customers. The customer must have always a competent partner, if it should come once really to problems.

In the YakoCasino the support is completely in order. The customer can, for example, contact the customer service in different ways. Who wants to write his request in writing, can use the contact form. In addition, a call is possible. For this even a German telephone number is available. Please note the opening hours from 12 am to 11 pm. Beyond that there is also still another live Chat, over which the customer can get assistance. But the support offer has even more to offer. The very generous FAQ section may answer many questions before the customer has to contact the support. This FAQ page is indeed very extensive and covers almost every topic. Regardless of whether it’s about questions about registration, payment transactions or the account: the customer is in very good hands here.

User friendliness of the website

The customer can feel very well looked after on the provider’s website anyway. As the YakoCasino test shows, the site is extremely user-friendly and very easy to navigate. There are no great nested areas he can’t find his way around. It’s commendable that he can even try out the games in a test mode. If at all, then the presentation of the payment methods would be a point of criticism. Here it would certainly not have been wrong to provide a little more overview and to list the individual payment methods neatly.

Mobile App

Mobile gaming is on everyone’s lips, not least thanks to the modern age of smartphones and tablets. The customers would like to be dependent no longer only on their Desktop-PC or on the laptop, but play also from on the way. A special Smartphone App does not exist here in the YakoCasino, however the customer can call up and play the plays over the Browser of its mobile equipment. However, the provider points out that the play money mode is not available here. Overall, it is commendable that such an offer is available and mentioned. Especially the mobile site has some advantages here. The customer does not have to download or update anything. In addition, a mobile site is usually open to all operating systems, so it doesn’t matter whether you are on the move with an Apple or Android device.

Fazit: Great casino with many advantages

The YakoCasino experiences show that the customer does everything right here with a registration. The casino is for different reasons clearly to be recommended. For example the offer can convince at plays. There are classical plays such as Black Jack and Roulette just like Slot Games or a live Casino. Security is also very important here, because the provider has two valid gaming licenses (Malta, Curacao). Fraud and rip-off do not take place here. In addition, there is a bonus for new customers and sufficient means of payment with which you can deposit money and debit. The service is absolutely ok, the usability of the site has no weaknesses either. The supply of a mobile offer rounds the more than positive general impression of this Casinos off.

Gala Casino Experience

Gambling can look back on a very long tradition. Dice, cards, slot machines or the good old roulette wheel – gambling is multi-faceted and exciting. In recent years, online casinos have started to move more and more into the spotlight. One such online casino is the Gala Casino. This provider is absolutely secure as there is a valid gambling license from Gibraltar. You don’t have to fear rip-off or fraud here. The offerer can convince by a very large offer at plays as well as from a very attractive bonus offer. However, the Gala Casino test shows right at the beginning that German customers are not involved here. They may not open a play account.

Our experiences in the overview

Our experiences with the Gala Casino are despite the fact that German customers may not play here, very good. Of course, this has a lot to do with the very extensive range of games on offer. There are each quantity on-line Slots, Jackpots, card and table plays as well as scratch cards or in addition, dice plays.

In the broadly varied offer may not be missing in addition, an on-line Casino here. Beyond that one can go also mobile to the start. On the page there is a link for an iOS App. The support is in order and the bonus is certainly very attractive. Because here the customer has the free choice. Very important is of course the fact that the Gala Casino is doing the right thing. A valid gambling license from Gibraltar ensures this. The payment methods are in order, the navigation on the side needs however a little acclimatization time.

Gala Casino in the check: Fraud or respectable?

The question about the respectability comes up in on-line Casinos always. Basically taken the whole gambling industry sees itself confronted with constant prejudices, so that the factors fraud and respectability are always discussed completely hotly. But in the Gala Casino the customers do not have to worry absolutely. The reasons are obvious. First of all, there is a valid gambling license of considerable origin. The government of Gibraltar ensures that the customer can enjoy a clean and serious gambling experience here. Such a license is a real quality feature. But there are also other factors that play a role here and show the customer that he can play calmly in the Gala Casino. At the bottom of the page there is a link with the name “Fairness”. Here the creators of the casino explain why it is to be classified as fair. And that’s not all: when playing in online casinos, a kind of random number generator is used, which is also abbreviated as RNG (Random Number Generator). On his page, the provider presents a test report on the RNG used here. Thus the Gala Casino approaches the matter very transparently. And last but not least, the manufacturers of games or the service providers for payments also give a good hint. Because if it would concern here a dubious Casino, then these manufacturers and offerers would not be represented here surely.


The offer is a very central point, if it concerns the evaluation of an on-line Casino. Of course, things such as seriousness or valid licenses have a similarly high value – but the bottom line is that it is the offer that customers see first and which in them sometimes matures the decision whether they want to play with a provider or not. In the Gala Casino there is a set of plays, with which as well as no range of topics is omitted.


The slot machines, also known as online slots, now account for a very large part of the total offering. That is also no miracle, because slot machines are well-known and popular in jedweder form for years.

Here in the Gala Casino there is an almost outstanding selection at on-line Slots. These cover not only many genres, but also come from the forge of well-known manufacturers of the industry. These manufacturers carry among other things the names NextGen or IGT. These names stand for great graphics, great animations, simple gameplay and a lot of fun. No matter whether it is a few turns at the Psycho Slot or at the Golden Goddess – in the area of Slot Games this provider can score points all along the line. If you talk about online slots, then of course the jackpots automatically come into play. With a little luck, many online slots can give the player a warm rain of money when the jackpot is hit.

Card and table games

No good casino can do without the great classics such as Black Jack or Roulette. In Gala Casino this is of course no different. If you click on the “Casino” menu item, you can choose from a number of different games in the dropdown menu. Among the table games you can find Roulette, Baccarat, Sic-Bo or the popular dice game Craps. Roulette is available in different variations. If you click on the card games, of course a game should not be missing: Black Jack. This game is available in different variations as well as poker. Baccarat is also represented here in the list. And where there are card games, poker is not far away. This is also available in several different variations.

Casual Games

The Gala Casino also has its own section for so-called casual games. Here you will find all the games that cannot be divided into other categories. For example there is also “stone, scissors, paper” (rock, paper, scissors). The games in this category are an excellent change to the other casino games.

Live Casino

Online casinos, which can offer a live offer nowadays, are some steps ahead of other competitors. Because a live Casino offers its customers again a completely special play experience, which gives it in this form probably only in correct gaming houses. The reason for it is clear: In one a href=””Live Casino /a genuine Dealer and Croupiers are used. The customer must concern itself thus no longer only with computer-controlled plays, but can dive into an nearly material Casinowelt. Who likes, can with the Dealern and Croupiers even by Chat a nice Plausch lead. In addition, you can watch the employees at work very closely. Whether it’s shuffling the cards, dealing or throwing the ball into the roulette wheel – the player is always close at hand. Such a gaming experience creates trust, even though this is not intended to diminish the security that computer-controlled games offer.

Bonus for new customers

A bonus is standard in the casino industry. Even in some genuine gaming houses these are assigned in the meantime in some form. In an on-line Casino there is however a quantity variety. The customer can fall back in most cases on a deposit bonus, sometimes in addition, on free plays or on a combination of both elements.

In the Gala Casino however there is a relatively unconventional bonus. Here not only the very first deposit on the customer account is prmiert, but even equal the three first deposits. But this is not the only characteristic of this bonus offer. Because the customer can choose the bonus that suits him. It has the choice between a bonus for on-line Slots, for Roulette and for Black Jack – a sent check move, because here it concerns the probably most frequented ranges of an on-line Casinos.

Who decides for the Slots, receives on the first deposit 100 per cent bonus money up to 400 euro. For the second deposit there is 50 per cent up to 200 euro, the third deposit is likewise prmiert with 50 per cent and maximally 200 euro. With the Roulette there is with the first deposit for the player 50 per cent and 200 euro maximum bonus assets. For the second and third deposit on the game account are each 50 percent and 100 euros to book. Last but not least there is the bonus for friends of Black Jack. Here there is 50 percent and a maximum of 200 euros for the first deposit. And also here the numbers for the second and third deposit are identical: There is with 50 per cent in each case maximally 100 euro bonus money.

Who believes now that he can take the money bonus up and be paid out simply, that is on the wrong way. Because each of the Boni is subject to certain conditions, which it must fulfill. For all three Boni applies already once the minimum deposit sum, which must be carried out, in order to receive at all a bonus: It is ten euros. Subsequently, the customer must also agree to the terms and conditions of the respective bonus. In order to cash out the slot bonus, the sum of the deposit amount and bonus money must be wagered 40 times. These bonus terms must be implemented within 14 days. Otherwise, the remaining bonus amount and winnings will be cancelled. It should also be noted that not all games offered by the casino are equally included in the bonus conditions. Of course, the slots take precedence here, while the remaining games are rated lower.

The bonus to roulette or blackjack is similar. However, the deposit amount and bonus amount must each be wagered 30 times before the bonus can be treated like real money. But be careful with these bonuses! Not every blackjack or roulette variant is valued the same. It is therefore worth taking a look at the list in which all bonus conditions are explained. For example, in roulette it can happen that the weighting in relation to the turnover conditions depends on the number of players at the table.

Deposit and payout

Deposits and payouts are extremely important for a provider. Because who offers enough options, that can address also more customers and win for itself. The credit card is not for everyone trumps, so that there should be for this also good alternatives.

In the Gala Casino there is a whole quantity at payment methods, from which the customer can select. The credit cards mentioned above are of course on board. There are Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard and Maestro. But also the other payment methods do not come too briefly. For example, there are digital purses such as Skrill, Neteller or ecoPayz with which you can also fill your gaming account. All of them are modern methods, but they all require the creation of a valid customer account. Otherwise, this deposit option cannot be used. PayPal also appears in the ranks of e-wallets that can be used to deposit money to a customer’s account. If you do not wish to provide personal or account information when making a deposit, you should opt for the Paysafecard. This is a payment method that uses prepaid credit. The customer buys one of these cards in a shop and can then deposit either the full amount or a partial amount into his gaming account using a code. In total, at least ten euros must be deposited via all payment options.

Customers who open an account in an online casino not only want to play and spend money, but also make winnings. In order to be able to disburse these profits, the customer must decide likewise for an option. However the customer must be able to be unlocked these options so to speak. He can do this by depositing at least ten euros beforehand via the preferred payment method. However, there are also payment methods – such as the Paysafecard – which can generally not be used as a payment method. In this case, there must be an alternative. In the list of payment methods, for example, the bank transfer or a fast bank transfer appears. These could be one of the alternatives. The minimum amount for a payout is ten Euros.

Security and regulation

Security and regulation are always two much discussed topics at online casinos. The reasons are well known: The gambling industry did not always have an impeccable reputation, which even today’s providers still get to feel. In the Gala Casino there is however neither Abzocke nor fraud. The offerer is equipped with a valid gambling license from Gibraltar and thus over each doubt raised. It doesn’t matter which country such a license comes from – it is a sure sign that the provider is doing the right thing. Because in order to get such a licence at all, the providers also have to do a lot. The top priority here is, for example, customer-related data or data relating to payment. Of course, this data must never fall into the wrong hands. An adequate encryption of the data is therefore inevitable and is generally very strongly checked by the gaming authorities.

However, this is not the only point that is intensively checked by the authorities. Especially in an online casino it is important that customers get the feeling that they are being treated fairly. So that this can be ensured, a special software, the RNG, is used. An RNG is a random number generator. It is a kind of random number generator that ensures that the games are always subject to a random result. Of course, this is one of the points that the authorities pay special attention to. If there were any difficulties here, there would be no license.

Support and customer service

Security and regulation are always two much discussed topics at online casinos. The reasons are well known: The gambling industry did not always have an impeccable reputation, which today’s providers still get to feel. In the Gala Casino there is however neither Abzocke nor fraud. The offerer is equipped with a valid gambling license from Gibraltar and thus over each doubt raised. It doesn’t matter which country such a license comes from – it is a sure sign that the provider is doing the right thing. Because in order to get such a licence at all, the providers also have to do a lot. The top priority here is, for example, customer-related data or data relating to payment. Of course, this data must never fall into the wrong hands. An adequate encryption of the data is therefore inevitable and is generally very strongly checked by the gaming authorities.

However, this is not the only point that is intensively checked by the authorities. Especially in an online casino it is important that customers get the feeling that they are being treated fairly. So that this can be ensured, a special software, the RNG, is used. An RNG is a random number generator. It is a kind of random number generator that ensures that the games are always subject to a random result. Of course, this is one of the points that the authorities pay special attention to. If there were any difficulties here, there would be no license.

User friendliness of the website

There is nothing wrong with the website. The customer doesn’t have to search long before he can reach the desired menu item. Since the casino is not relevant for German customers anyway, it does not matter in this point that the pages are completely in English. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the selection of games or other things – the areas are easily accessible. Only the payment methods are a little hidden in the FAQ, but then clearly listed.

Mobile App

Mobile gaming has meanwhile become a point that customers almost demand from a provider. No miracle, mobile devices such as Smartphones and mobile phones rank nevertheless among the constant way companions. The good news: In the Gala Casino there is a mobile game offer, which the customer can use. It can be accessed both via a mobile site and via an app. However, the app is only available to iOS customers.

Fazit: Good provider with many games

Who wants to open an account at Gala Casino does everything right. The offerer convinces with a very large selection at plays within many ranges. In addition not only on-line Slots and Casinoklassiker belong, but also Casual Games in such a way specified. A live Casino gives it here likewise. The different bonuses are suitable for different player types, the sales conditions are fair. In addition, the customer plays safely and seriously in the casino, because he does not have to fear fraud and rip-off. The casino is licensed by the gambling authority of Gibraltar. Praiseworthy is also the selection of the offered payment methods, although the support in comparison to other casinos a little weakens. The implementation of the mobile offer, which can be reached either by App or in addition, over a mobile side, was successful against it. Sole Wehrmuttropfen: The Casino doors remain closed for German customers.

Spinit Experience

Online casinos are right on trend. And for good reason. They offer the numerous customers not only a very large selection of games, but also score points in other areas – for example in the area of flexibility. Of course, security comes first, because fraud and rip-off are not allowed here. A casino that meets the conditions is Spinit. Here the casino friend finds everything what the heart desires. In addition, security is ensured thanks to valid licenses. However, the following test will not only take a closer look at the areas of offers and security, but also at other areas that are important for the evaluation of a casino.

Our experiences at a glance

The experiences with Spinit allow the conclusion that you are dealing with a very high-quality provider. Several points are correct here, so that Spinit can definitely play along in the concert of the big players. There would be for example the rich offer, at which there is absolutely nothing to criticize. There are a number of modern slots as well as classics. Of course, there are also many classics from the field of card and table games. The lovers of these games can also be pleased that there are several variants of the games mentioned. The topic of security also plays a role. Spinit can rely on a valid gambling license from Malta as well as one from Curacao, so that the customer is in good hands here. But these are not the only points with which the provider convinces. This also includes things such as the service or a mobile offer. The latter is available at Spinit, the service is also in the upper range. The bonus is attractive, and also the deposit possibilities might satisfy most users.

Spinit in the check: Fraud or serious?

If one asks with a Casino the question whether there is fraud here or whether the customer can play seriously, that is no fundamental distrust against the Casino. Rather it is because of the fact that the Casinobranche is said gladly a tendency to unseriösen machinations. The reasons for it lie not least in the past, when the gambling scene did not always enjoy the very best reputation. But with Spinit, customers don’t have to worry. The casino is properly certified – with one gaming license from Malta and one from Curacao. However, these are not the only features that show the customer that they are dealing with a clean provider. The Spinit creators, for example, also address the factor “responsible gaming”. This is not always self-evident, but it shows that the provider is concerned that his customers play well-considered. If it were a dubious provider, he wouldn’t really have to worry about it. But also other points speak for the seriousness. For example, the payment methods that the provider has in his portfolio. These include several big names in the industry who certainly don’t want to be mentioned in the same breath as a dubious casino. For image reasons, they could not allow themselves to do so. It is similar with the manufacturers of the games stored. Here are also very big names among the “protagonists”, who would have to reckon with a similar image damage, if they appear in the context of a dubious casino. Generally the customers can be relaxed, because dubious casinos exist nowadays only rarely to not at all. Fraudulent measures would simply get around much too fast. The Casino would not be to be found then probably all too long on the market.


The offer is one of the visiting cards, which an on-line Casino delivers. Here it depends above all on the fact that the customers find a certain variety. With Spinit this is the case, because there is a good mix from on-line Slots, table and card plays as well as or other exotics. Also a live casino is fortunately with it.


slot machines

slot machines have a tradition, which has already several decades on the hump. While they are often found in separate areas in regular casinos, Spinit of course has an extra category for these online slots. There are some classic as well as more modern video slots available to the customer. The latter are especially convincing with their graphics and animations, while the gameplay doesn’t suffer. The online slots cover several genres and come from well-known manufacturers in the industry. The names represented here include NetEnt, Nyx, PlayNGo and Microgaming. Games such as Motörhead or Starburst should be familiar to most users. This also applies to jackpots, which offer a chance of winning in addition to the reel winnings. With a bit of luck, a warm shower of money awaits the players who tackle these progressive jackpots. Mega Moolah or Mega Fortune are just two of the jackpots that players can try their hand at.

Card and table games

They are also an integral part of the casino industry: Card and table games. Without them the offer of a casino would simply not be complete. To the absolute classics of the Casinobranche rank naturally Black Jack, roulette and Poker. Here the players can build not only on a variant – there are enough plays from the ranges mentioned, so that here surely for each player something is thereby. But also Video Poker or Baccarat are among the games that the customer can fall back on here. So here every classic is not only represented once.

Arcade Games and scratch cards

Whoever needs a break from the classic casino games can also take a closer look in the category “Other games”. Here you can find some of the so-called arcade games as well as scratch cards, keno or some variants of bingo. The customer may not only look forward to a lot of gaming fun, but also to full winnings – with a little luck of course.

Live Casino

A live casino is always a highlight in the context of an online casino. Because the customer has here the possibility of playing with genuine Dealern and Croupiers. A completely different play feeling develops naturally, than this with conventional, computer-controlled plays the case is. With the live offer of Spinit you can experience the perfect mix of real casino and the digital world. The live games you can enjoy here include Blackjack, Poker, Roulette and Baccarat. These games also provide the customer with a very special feeling of security, as he can follow every single move of dealers and croupiers. Although the computer-controlled games are also absolutely safe, the psychological aspect also plays a major role here.

Bonus for new customers

The bonus – like the games – is now part of an online casino. The customers can profit here either from additional money for playing or in addition, from Free Spins for selected automats. Each offerer handles its bonus differently, and it is also not always equally suitable for each player type.

Our experiences show that this offerer sets here on a mixture from money bonus and free plays. Here however, not like with many other offerers usual, only the first deposit is prämiert, but equal the first four deposits. For the first deposit there is 100 per cent extra on the deposit amount (maximally 200 euro bonus money). In addition there are 200 free spins. These are issued from the day of the first deposit in daily packages of 20 games each. Valid are the Free Spins for the Slot Starburst. For the second deposit there is 50 percent, whereby the maximum bonus amount here is 200 euros. The third and fourth deposit will be awarded with 25 percent each and a maximum of 300 Euro bonus money.

Of course, there are conditions that must be met before the bonus can be considered cleared and paid out. Unfortunately, the so-called turnover conditions stipulate that a bonus cannot be used immediately like real money. Here at Spinit, the bonus amount must be wagered 40 times before a payout can be made. In order to receive a bonus at all, at least 20 Euro must be deposited into the game account. The player has 14 days to fulfill the wagering requirements. The free spins, which are awarded daily, are valid for 24 hours. Winnings earned from free spins are subject to the normal bonus terms and conditions. In addition, the customer must note that not all games will be counted against the wagering requirements to the same extent. Video slots and other games are rated at 100 percent, while classic table games such as Blackjack or Roulette are rated at only ten percent. Caution is advised with classic slots. Technically, these are also slots, but they are subject to a different percentage. Here the employments are evaluated with 75 per cent against the turnover conditions.

Einzahlung and disbursement

Even if it does not appear at first sight in such a way, but deposits and disbursements rank likewise among the visiting cards, which an on-line Casino delivers. Because over the kinds of payment decides in the long run, how the customer gets money on its play account and can lift off also from there again. From therefore also here a certain variety is surely useful, in order to be able to address as large a clientele as possible.

With Spinit there is a small, but nevertheless fine selection at payment options. For example, credit cards, which are still considered one of the most popular means of payment on the Internet, are available here. Accepted here are the “big two” of the industry: Visa and Mastercard. But of course these are not the only means of payment available to the customer. Digital purses such as Skrill and Neteller are also available. In order to use these options, however, the customer must have a valid customer account with these providers. Trustly is available as a banking option. The advantage of all these options: The deposited money is credited immediately. As minimum amount for the deposit apply here ten euro.

Who plays in an on-line Casino, would not only like to deposit money, but would like to obtain profits naturally also. If these profits are brought in, the player would like to withdraw the profits or be able to be paid out. All, here specified, deposit kinds own themselves also for the disbursement of assets.

Security and regulation

Double holds better – this well-known proverb writes itself also Spinit on the flags. Because here there is not only the proper license of the MGA, the Malta Gaming Authority, but also an equally safe gambling license from Curacao. But why are there two licenses? Isn’t one of these proofs enough? Basically, yes. But there are two licenses so that the provider is protected for all his games in the offer. Because, as already mentioned: Double holds better.

Fraud and rip-off are not an issue with Spinit. Nevertheless the provider does not get this license for free. He has to fulfill a catalogue of requirements in order to get such a license. For example, it is about data security. Customers always provide information. Be it during registration, logging in or entering bank details. To prevent third parties from gaining possession of this data, a corresponding encryption must be in place. If irregularities or other anomalies occur here, the authorities will certainly not grant a license. The risk would be too great, because one would not want to imagine the consequences that could arise if third parties were to actually use the collected data to their detriment. Equally important, however, is fair play – especially in an online casino where real money is played for. If a customer here does not have the opportunity to make winnings, this is certainly not too well received by the authorities. There is a house advantage with many plays, which must be considered – however this may not be still additionally exhausted, so that the chances of winning of the customer sink. To prevent this from happening, a Random Number Generator (RNG) is used. This is a random number generator that is used in the form of software. This software is, of course, particularly in the focus of the authorities and is constantly checked – even if the license has already been granted. If there are any anomalies here, the provider will also fall out of favour. With Spinit the customer does not have to worry about these things at all.

Support and customer service

An additional business card hides behind the inconspicuous terms support and customer service. No matter how good the offer may be: The customer must always have a port of call if problems arise. A good service finds then naturally an appropriate attention. The support at Spinit is quite respectable. For example, there are several ways to get in touch with support. You can contact him by phone or mail. Even a live chat is available. And that’s not all: If you want to search on your own for an answer to your question, you can go to the FAQ section. Here the most popular topics are treated. It is not uncommon for customers to find what they are looking for here, so that contact with support is no longer necessary.

User friendliness of the website

The user friendliness of the website is a big plus for this provider. Although there is also the obligatory banner for casino sites – but this does not hinder browsing and navigating on the site. There are casinos where these banners are quite annoying and intrusive – but not at Spinit. In addition, all the essential points are very easy to reach, so the customer knows immediately where to click. Not least, there are even free versions of the numerous slots or table games. This is especially interesting for prospective customers who first want to take a look around. The translation of the side into the German language succeeded with this offerer also.

Mobile App

The meaning of mobile playing grows and grows. So it’s no wonder that many providers are switching to making their offer – or part of it – also available as a mobile version. Spinit has also jumped on this bandwagon. However, there is no app here that the customer has to download. There is a mobile site where you can find some games. All you have to do is access the casino page via the browser of your mobile device. The advantage over an app is that the player does not have to worry about updates and can also enjoy the fact that the sites work with different operating systems. However, the customer has to accept the fact that only a fraction of the games available in the desktop version are available in the mobile version. According to their own information, there are currently around 200 games available in the mobile version – and the trend is rising.

Consume: Very good provider with a large number of games

The test has shown that customers certainly do nothing wrong with opening an account here. For example, there is a huge range of games, which covers all areas in a casino. There are slots, card and table games, arcade games, scratch cards as well as a live casino – more is almost really not possible. But the offer is not the only positive aspect of this casino. Spinit has two separate gambling licenses. One comes from Malta, the other from Curacao. Safe gambling without fraud or rip-off is thus guaranteed. Further aspects that the provider can convince with are the payment methods as well as the service. The customer gets a good choice of options to deposit or withdraw money to his account. The service is available on various channels and also has a very extensive FAQ section. The integration of a mobile service is also praiseworthy – even if only relatively few games are available so far. All in all, Spinit’s casino makes a very solid impression.

Experience With 22Bet

Bet Bookmaker 22Bet offers you a wide range of betting options for sports betting and live betting, rounded off by a lucrative bonus program. 22Bet is not one of the big names in the industry in Germany. But the betting provider is on its way up. In addition to live and sports betting, 22Bet also offers various types of cyber sports (e-sports). Among the bookmaker’s highlights in sports betting are the numerous betting markets.

As a new customer at 22Bet, you can take off with a first deposit bonus that rewards two successive deposits with bonus money. If you want to deposit money in the further process you can benefit from a reload bonus on 2 weekdays. The 22Bet test gives you information about the advantages and special features of the bookmaker.

Our experiences at a glance

22Bet is an interesting bookmaker who can offer you a whole range of special features. The sport bet offerer understands it to present its Website and their contents with much overview for the customers. If you want to bet at 22Bet, you don’t need any special software or similar on your computer. You can control all your activities directly in your browser.

The betting provider works with a license issued by the state authorities on Curacao. The license is also officially valid for European countries, so you can look forward to a reputable and licensed bookmaker.

22Bet Check: Fraud or not?

In our test report we of course informed ourselves about the reputation of the betting provider on the Internet. In the center thereby things were located like a 22Bet fraud, bad experiences and opinions or other inconsistencies. With our inquiries in the search machines we could find nothing negative. The provider has valid licenses and is rated as very good by other competition customers. By the proper licensing you enjoy the advantage that you may bet from Germany legally. No matter from which federal state you come. 22Bet also takes care of the security of all processes on the website through SSL encryption.

Overview of the offer at 22Bet

For your 22Bet sports bets there are over 45 different sports available. That is about 1/3 more sports than you can find on average with other betting providers on the Internet. The bookmaker always tries hard to offer you a lot of choice. There are for example football, ice hockey, basketball, horse racing, greyhound racing, snooker, golf, e-sports, badminton and various types of US sports.

The 22Bet bets on football are particularly pronounced, covering not only the German 1st Bundesliga, 2nd Bundesliga, 3rd League, Regional League and the DFB Cup, but also international top leagues and cup competitions. What is striking is that besides the international top leagues there are also many other leagues. The selection of markets is gigantic and leaves nothing to be desired for betting enthusiasts. For example, you can bet in the betting market 1X2, over/under goals, handicaps, double chance, correct result and half time/final score.

The website of 22Bet
The website of 22Bet

Another special feature are the 6 different bet types (betting systems). These include accumulator bets, lucky bets, chain bets, system bets, patent bets and the combination bets you probably know. You can make your choice directly in your betting slip.

If you want to bet during a sports event, the 22Bet live bets are just right for you. Depending on the availability of InPlay bets, you will be shown between 10 and 15 different popular sports. These include football, tennis, basketball, ice hockey, horse racing, volleyball, table tennis, baseball and e-sports. Similar to normal sports betting, the selection of live sports is slightly larger than with other betting providers. A clear advantage if, for example, you don’t always want to focus your attention on football, basketball or tennis live betting.

The betting overview has been clearly prepared for customers. Any changes to betting odds can be quickly identified at any time by a green and red coloured marking. In contrast to pre-match bets, there are not quite as many betting markets to choose from with InPlay bets. However, in football games you usually have between 70 and 300 markets at your disposal. To view them, just click on a game. There is no live streaming at 22Bet.

Online Casino

Besides the offer at live and sport bets there is to discover a developed on-line Casino with 22Bet also. The Casino plays offer you actually everything which the heart desires. The large characteristic at it: Top-class plays of over 50 different software developers are offered. The focus of the game collection is on slot games and progressive jackpots. What is striking is that the 22Bet Casino offers many Asia slots. Asia is becoming increasingly popular with slot machine fans. You will also find a lot of exciting entertainment in the jackpot section. Because there is a wide range of progressive slot machines available. However, the casino offer has one drawback. Because there are no live dealer games available. Surely this will change in the future and 22Bet closer to the best online casinos to catch up can be able to.

22Bet bonus – more starting assets for your first bets

As a new customer it is to be profited you freely from a 22Bet bonus for sport bets, which amounts to 122% bonus up to an amount of 100 euro. The 22Bet welcome bonus will be credited to your account immediately after your first deposit and is then available for betting. In order to receive your Bonus, you must make a minimum deposit of 1 Euro.

For an initial deposit of 25 Euro, you will receive 30.50 Euro in bonus money and can start with 55.50 Euro in starting credit at 22Bet. You don’t need to enter a bonus code to activate the new customer offer.

Of course you can also withdraw your 22Bet bonus as real money after you have fulfilled the turnover requirements. Your bonus amount must be wagered 5 times on the accumulator bets. At least 3 positions on the betting slip are required per accumulator bet, which must have a minimum odds of 1.40. The minimum betting amount is 1.40. For the fulfillment of the conditions you have exactly 7 days from the receipt of the bonus for 7 days.

Deposits and withdrawals at the betting provider

The bookmaker 22Bet offers you a huge selection of payment systems with which you can make a deposit to your betting account. You can use all available payment methods free of charge. What is striking about the choice of payment methods is that there is a special focus on the use of crypto currencies. These include example deposits by Bitcoin. A deposit is already possible from 1 euro. A permissible maximum amount will unfortunately not be indicated in the payment overview.

Deposit methods:

  • Entropay
  • Perfect Money
  • EPay
  • Credit cards (Visa, Mastercard)
  • EcoPayz
  • Payeer
  • Giropay
  • immediate transfer
  • Neosurf
  • Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monero, Ethereum, Dogecoin etc.

For all payment methods listed, the deposit amount will always be credited to your betting account immediately. So you can start betting immediately, without any annoying waiting times.

A payment of money is made at the betting provider 22Bet in the record time of 15 minutes (with all payment methods). You don’t have to pay a fee for this.

Payout Methods:

  • Perfect Money
  • EcoPayz
  • Payeer
  • Paysafecard
  • SEPA
  • Neosurf
  • Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monero, Ethereum, Dogecoin etc. You don’t have to pay a fee for this.

The minimum required payout is 1.50 Euro, there is no limit.

Safety and Regulation

The 22Bet Casino is committed to the safety of its betting customers, so you can feel in safe hands. On the human side, trained security administrators take care of your security on an ongoing basis. The betting platform is monitored around the clock to prevent abuse and fraud. Secure SSL encryption is used in the website and payment processes. Your data will therefore only be processed and stored in encrypted form, invisible to third parties. In addition to SSL, 22Bet also uses a firewall to protect data traffic on the Internet.

An identity check ensures even greater security. The comparison of your personal data with those in your betting account and the payment method used makes it impossible for unauthorized third parties to withdraw money. You must submit a valid identification document before the first payment. This can be an identity card, a driver’s license or a passport (depending on your preference).

The betting platform is owned by Marikit Holdings Ltd, which is based on the island of Cyprus. Orakum N.V. is the official licence holder for sports and live betting. The necessary licenses for the online bets were acquired on Curacao. This makes betting from Germany legally possible for you. However, you have to pay the 5% betting tax to the German tax office yourself. Because that doesn’t make 22Bet for you.


If there are any problems or questions about the bookmaker’s procedures, of course you’re not in the rain. 22Bet offers its customers a German customer service, which is always there for you 24/7 if problems or questions arise. You can reach the support staff via email and live chat. In the review we especially liked the live chat because it gives you a fast response time. You can also be accompanied live in case of problems, so you don’t have to write back and forth all the time. This is especially convenient for customers. The availability of 24/7 is of course also praiseworthy – around the clock every day of the year.

Except for customer service, 22Bet does not provide any further help, such as a FAQ area or online help.

User friendliness at 22Bet

22Bet knows how to make its content appealing and clear. The display of betting offers is fully comprehensive, so that you always have everything quickly in view. This includes, for example, that several betting markets are displayed to you in the betting overview. In this way, you don’t have to click through to the level of individual bets first. A highlight is that you get different betting suggestions. These include the accumulator bets of the day. As a customer you save yourself so much annoying searching for good tips.

Mobile App

Of course 22Bet bets are also possible with your smartphone or tablet. A 22Bet sports betting App for Apple iOS or Android devices does not exist and is not required. Because there’s a mobile-optimized website that you can access normally from your mobile browser. This is of course also suitable for mobile devices with other operating systems. The mobile website has a clear structure so that you can navigate through the content conveniently with a tap of your finger. Adding tips to your betting slip is no problem when you’re on the go.

Similar to the desktop version, you can have more than 45 sports on your smartphone or tablet and make up your own bets. If you want to deposit and withdraw money with your mobile, there are many payment methods available. There is no special Mobile Sportsbook Bonus in the Bonuses section. However, you can use the same bonus program as on the desktop. That’s top!

Result: 22Bet Casino – A betting offer with many special features

22Bet is an extraordinary betting provider who could leave a positive overall impression in the test. The bet offer is particularly within the range of the selection at bet markets simply enormous and in the relationship in the comparison to other offerers hardly to top. Apart from the numerous popular sports, 22Bet also scored well in e-sports. There are almost 50 different e-sports to choose from for your bets. With other bookmakers, the maximum number of e-sports available is just 3 to 5. As a fan of the genre, you are in good hands at 22Bet.

Alongside the advantages, however, there are also a few little things to complain about. This is especially true for some features in the betting systems, which are not found in other bookmakers, but are simply not explained sufficiently. This is for example the case with terms like chain bet, patent bet and luck bet. 22Bet should perhaps create an FAQ area for it, so that the otherwise so positive overall picture of the provider is rounded off even further.